X-Age ConvE Twins TWS (XTW01) Review: A New Player in the Market to Fit your Budget?


X-Age Nepal is a new accessory brand in the market like Remax Nepal and Accurate Nepal. Here’s a review of its new True Wireless Buds called X-Age ConvE Twins after a week of using it. It is available on Daraz as of now at a price tag of Rs.2799 so, let us see if it justifies its price.

What’s in the box: X-Age ConvE Twins TWS (XTW01)

X-Age ConvE Twins TWS

You get 2x wireless earbuds, 1x portable charging case, 1x micro-USB cable, 1x user manual and 2 pairs of silicone ear tips.

Design and Use:

The design is similar to Redmi Airdots with the X-Age logo on the earbuds and on its compact case as well. The finish and material of the buds and its case seemed durable during my usage and are resistant to fingerprint and minor scratches. The ear nozzles with bud cover provide an ergonomic fit if you insert them deep enough which was a little uncomfortable for me during longer listening sessions. Also, since it is IPX4 certified it can be worn with minor sweating during gym or jogging.

The buds are touch-sensitive. To turn them on, simply take them out of the case or long touch the multi-function button for 3 seconds on the bud that you want to turn on. To turn them off, put them back on the case or long touch the MFB for 4 seconds.

For connection, just take one or both buds out of the case and turn them on. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and connect to ‘XWT01’. You will hear ‘Connected’ voice prompt on the buds after a successful connection. It will re-connect automatically for previously connected devices. The downside here is that if there’s music playing the buds keep running even after I keep them back in the case so I had to turn them off manually or turn off my Bluetooth.

During delivery, the earbuds are already paired but once you start using single earbud time to time, the two buds may lose their pairing status or you may hear sound on only one earbud. To fix that, follow the manual given in the box. I haven’t lost my pairing status so I can’t show you now.

Sound and Performance:

The buds have Bluetooth 5.0 and the range is pretty good up-to 10m without any physical hindrance. The connection time is also very quick. Since Hi-Res audio isn’t supported, the sound quality is average. The audio isolation from the outside is also sub-par unless you turn the volumes pretty high resulting in sound bleeding and distortion. The bass is good but not as good as the Accurate Earbuds that we reviewed before. The treble isn’t good and the sound seemed plain and odd to me. The latency is good for online video streaming and calls but not good enough for online gaming.

Now, let us see what the MFBs do. Touch the MFB once on either bud to answer/hang up a call or play/pause the music. Long touch for 2 seconds to reject incoming calls. Long touch the right or left MFB to increase or decrease the volume respectively. While the music is being played, double touch the right or left MFB to go to the next or previous track. Now, this was the most annoying thing for me. At first, the touch sensitivity of the MFBs is very poor and when I accidentally pause the music and try to change the track, double touching either bud redirected me to my last number redial and I kept calling the same person by mistake.

The best feature of this bud for me was that whenever there was an incoming call, the voice prompt spelled out the number so, I could pick it up if I knew that number. Also, there is a microphone on either bud but the sound transmission is a little distorted. If you are planning to use only one bud, then I recommend you to use the left bud as it has far better mic than the right one.


In my test, the buds lasted around 3 hours and 40 minutes while listening to music on medium volume and they lasted around 30 minutes more during an online call. The buds are charged in the case from 0 to 100 in under 1 hour and a few minutes. There is no battery indicator on the case but in my test, it charged the buds around 4 times from 0 to 100. The case itself has a micro-USB port and a normal 5W charger will juice up its empty belly in under 2 hours.


For the price, I shouldn’t be complaining but I have to be honest here as the Accurate Buds were more to my liking in terms of everything. These buds are a great choice for normal consumers and you shouldn’t hesitate to buy X-Age ConvE Twins TWS as your first truly wireless buds but those touch controls can get annoying at times.


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