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mBank Platform Launches “Bank Transfer” Facility in Co-Operative Sector


This is a new service in the co-operative sector which will allow Cooperative Members to Transfer money to any Bank through the mBank Platform. The banking platform mBank, under the company Hamro Technology, facilitates this service of transferring your money directly from the cooperative account to the bank account. 

Mr. Sanjay Mahaseth, Founder / CBO of the company shared,

“There are currently 10 BFI’s and 300 hundred cooperatives using the mBank platform which can enable these features to its customer. “

For the last 5 yrs with the aim of being a leading Digital Technology Solution Provider company, Hamro Technology is totally dedicated to providing end-to-end digital solutions in Nepal, enabling the country to adopt cashless/digital payment methods said company Founder / CEO Mr. Bishnu Maharjan. 

All the members of these cooperative companies can benefit from this. Senior manager Sushila Puri Shahi also said that they’ve been giving a lot of new services in the mBank app. You can easily transfer money, check your balance, check your bank statement, recharge your phone, internet, TV, etc. load the balance on digital wallet such as Khalti, Prabhu pay, IME pay, eSewa, pay the drinking water, and electricity bill, book OYO hotel and airplane ticket, perform QR code transaction and acquire benefits of many other services through this app.

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Four of the cooperative organization, Sikhar Sahakari, Jhapa – Chandragiri Sahakari, Kathmandu – Nawajiwan Sahakari, Dhangagdhi, and Neju Guru Sahakari, Kathmandu, using Hamro Technology mBank Platform have already tested the service and are on process to launch this service very soon. 

To know more about mBank, you can visit them here:


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