Yarsa Games: A Nepali Mobile Gaming App that Crossed 100 M+ Downloads


With the use of technologies in our daily life, we are gradually aligning with digital and virtual games too. While talking about games, one of the most popular mobile games in Nepal is Ludo.

Hold on! I guess what you are thinking. I am not sabotaging the public sentiments of PUBG, FreeFire, and other game lovers. However, this article is worth it since a Nepali mobile game app has crossed this milestone in Google Playstore.

A Nepali Mobile Game App That Crossed 50M Downloads in Google PlayStore

Among all other games, Ludo by Yarsa Games has crossed more than 50 million downloads on Google Playstore. There are various Ludo games available to download in Google Playstore. Among them, this app is the Nepali app that has the highest download in Google Playstore. This is more than the download of HamroPatro and Hamro Keyboard.

Recently, Hamro Keyboard by Hamro Patro crossed 10M downloads on Google Playstore, becoming the second app by Hamro Patro company to reach this milestone.

When we started to do further research, this app- Ludo by Yarsa Games has even more numbers. To our surprise, this app has more than 50 million downloads. Turns out, it is more than the total population of Nepal. This app has been downloaded more than 5 crore times.

Yarsa Games: A Nepali Mobile Gaming App that Crossed 100 M+ Downloads 1
Ludo by Yarsa Games

Moreover, Ludo is just one of the app under this portfolio. Yarsa Games has about 9 other games on the list. They are:

These all are the games under Yarsha Games. Combining all those apps downloads, the games in Yarsa Games has more than 100 million downloads on Google Playstore.

In addition to that, they are utilizing the technology of simulation for courses like driving license. More than just mobile games, they are helping people to pass such tests through simulation games.

About Yarsha Games; Delivering Popular Mobile Games

Yarsha games is the product of Yarsha Labs, a software company based on Pokhara. Since 2018, they are mostly making mobile games and apps. Combining all the mobile apps they own, Yarsha games has crossed 100M downloads in total in Google Playstore. Moreover, the games are really popular among Android users.

Among them, Ludo by Yarsa Games has 50M+ downloads alone. With this, Ludo by Yarsa Games is the first mobile game app crossing 50 million downloads. This game is more popular for spending some quality time with your family and friends. As most of us know the rules and ways to play it, it is simple and easy to understand. Hence, from small kids to old-age people, this app has got a wider coverage.

Yarsa Games: A Nepali Mobile Gaming App that Crossed 100 M+ Downloads 2
Yarsa Games: Parent Company of Ludo

Prior to Yarsa Games, what to expect for the Gaming Industry in Nepal?

In this regard, mobile game apps by Yarsa Games have attracted a huge population and let them indulge with that. For the first-hand example, you need to travel through public transport in Nepal and there you will find at least one person playing either ludo or cards on their mobile. Chances are, it could be from Yarsa Games.

Apart from it, we can see a rise in gaming platforms in Nepal in these recent years. Moreover, the emergence of Covid-19 has created a space for the gaming industry to grow in Nepal. Many live game streaming channels like 4K Gaming Nepal, CR 7 Horaa, etc. are emerging in Nepal and people are also making a living from it. Some of the game streamers even have supported financially to other people from their earning. On top of that, most of them are young people. This has proved that the gaming industry is growing in Nepal. Moreover, it can be a career option for many people who are interested in games.

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