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Everyone loves to play online games. Online Gaming has become a favorite pastime and a common hobby for Millenials and Gen Zs. However, in today’s world, gaming is not limited to entertainment and hobby. It has become a good career option for all those who like to participate in competitive gaming. Globally, all the major online games such as Pubg, FreeFire, and Clash of clans organize their own gaming tournaments every year. Not only as players but also as streamers, people have found a new source of income. In the context of Nepal too, we are witnessing tremendous growth in the video gaming industry. With this, many people have started their careers and prevailed in the field of gaming. In this article, we talk about everything you should understand about gaming as a career in Nepal.

Why a Career in Gaming?

Well, Gaming is Fun. That’s the biggest reason to consider gaming as a career. Imagine you get paid doing what you absolutely love to do. Getting paid while playing games is the ultimate dream for many youths. Not only it is fun to be involved in this industry, but also it is one of the well-paid roles in the world today. Gamers participate in a prize pool ranging from thousands to millions of rupees. All you have to have is interest, skill, and a hard-working tendency to win this.

Similarly, the Nepali gaming industry has seen a record number of players in recent years. As smartphone accessibility in rural and urban areas is increasing with affordable and economical technological systems, the number of smartphone gamers has also increased. This means the gaming sector in Nepal is expected to rise further in the upcoming coming years. It will surely create more jobs and opportunities for gamers in the future.

Career opportunities

1. As a Esports Shoutcaster/Host

Within the Esports community, the commentator or the voice-over is popularly known as Shoutcaster. Since the number of Esports events are increasing, the demand for shoutcasters or host has also increased. The role of an eSports caster is to inform what’s happening in a game and entertain audiences by making it look intense and hyper. However, one should have in-depth knowledge about the game and teams while Shoutcasting.

2. As a Professional Gamer

If you are an avid gamer, you might have heard about the term PRO player. The term pro gamer stands for the professional gamer. These are the players that participate in competitive Esport events as an individual or team players. Most pro gamers focus on one game and develop their skills abilities in that game rather than focusing on many games.

3. As a Esports Organization Manager

 Esports Organizations Manager takes care of how the team and company operates. It is definitely not an easy job since overseeing a team or company needs genuine commitment and hard work. Some of the roles of Esports organization manager are companies ethos, branding, marketing, hiring, staffing, directing, deciding to take part in tournaments of which games, partnership, accounting, business strategies, paying wages, and so on.

4. As a Coach

Any sports team or individual that lacks a coach cannot perform well. Like outdoor sports, online esports also need coaches for better performance. An eSports coach motivates his/her team, analyze strength and weakness, and develop strategies in order to improve. In the field of esports, the required skills for the coach are in-depth knowledge about focused games, management, teaching, and communication skills.

5. As Content creators/Streamers

If none of the above-mentioned careers interest you, you can also dive into a gaming career as a content creator or a streamer. A content creator shares information about esports match reports, interviews, and news stories. Content creators should focus on making quality content according to a niche that adds value to his/her audiences. Likewise, one can also stream their gameplay on platforms like Youtube and Twitch for the entertainment of their audience.

Achievements Made by Nepali Gamers

In recent days, we have been hearing about many Nepali eSports teams participate in international events. Nepali PUBG Mobile team, DRS Gaming was invited for the world’s biggest PUBG Mobile tournament of this season ‘PUBG Mobile World Invitational’. It might sound astounding when you hear that they will be receiving Nrs. 5 lakhs just for participating. However, if they manage to win the tournament, they will be getting a cash prize of up to Nrs. 35 crores.

DRS Gaming and another Nepali PUBG Team Abrupt Slayer (ASL) participated in the PMPL South Asia recently. In the event, Abrupt Slayer won the title of PMPL South Asia and bagged NRs. 47 lakhs prize. In the same event, Da Real Soldier (DRS) finished the first runner-up and won almost NRs. 23 lakhs. Both Nepali teams were selected for PUBG Mobile Global Championship PMGC slots. Just like this, many rising Nepali esports teams have been representing Nepal in the global arena.

Likewise, 4K Gaming Nepal who is a popular game streamer in Nepal has accumulated almost 1 Million subscribers on his youtube channel. Pawan Shahi aka 4K gaming is also authorized as Facebook Gaming Partner officially. Just through his game streams, he has garnered a wide and loving fan base who view his gameplay with great enthusiasm. I believe he is a prime example of what one can become by choosing online gaming as a career even in a small country like Nepal.


Professional Gaming is not everyone’s cup of tea as a career in general. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and persistence to thrive in this industry. However, if you really are good and are enthusiastic about it, the gaming world offers you riches while doing what you love. Thus, only if you are deeply passionate about playing games and willing to put high effort into it, you should consider gaming as a career in Nepal.

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