Xceltrip renames itself as ‘Jaamna’


Nepal’s first OTA (online travel aggregator) platform, Xceltrip, has been renamed ‘Jaamna’. As mentioned by Gyanendra Khadka, the founding CEO of the company, the name was changed to ‘Jaamna’ so that the Nepali community could comfortably understand and mention the name to other people as well.

With the help of the mobile app and official website, now changed to Jaamna.com, tickets for all 5 domestic airlines of Nepal and more than 1,500 hotels can be booked. Digital payment platforms of Nepal like eSewa, Khalti, fone pay, union pay, IME Pay and other mobile banking apps of different banks as well as cards of all domestic and foreign banks can be used to make payments. In addition, customers who do not wish to make online payments can also make direct payments at the hotel by selecting the ‘Pay at Hotel’ option in the app.

Furthermore, by booking hostels through ‘Jaamna’, users will get exclusive G-Cash, which can be redeemed for booking hotels and flights. Users also have the opportunity to win free holiday offers.

Apart from this, ‘Jaamna’ has also brought a ‘Jaamna 500 offer’ for the month of July. Under this, the user can redeem a voucher of Rs. 500 using the ‘Jaamna 500’ code while booking hotels or doing any other transaction through ‘Jaamna’.

With the new name comes new features. ‘Jaamna’ has incorporated small apartments, hotels as well as homestays in Nepal into its list. Customers who wish to get a cheap room or experience the authentic Nepali culture through homestays can now easily do so using ‘Jaamna’.

Why should you choose ‘Jaamna’? 

‘Jaamna’ is Nepal’s first OTA platform that connects customers directly to 1,500 Nepali hotels and all 5 domestic airlines. ‘Jaamna’ allows users to easily book rooms and flights as per their choice using any digital payment platform or bank card in Nepal. Cashback and G-cash are also exclusively given after each booking. This is the first OTA platform that also allows direct payments as well.

Why should hotels choose ‘Jaamna’? 

According to the founding CEO, “The problem with many OTA platforms is that hotels either get their money held by these OTA platforms for more than three weeks or sometimes never even get their money, even if they have sold the rooms. In order to make sure that hotels are not exploited, ‘Jaamna’ has decided to make sure hotels receive their payments within two to five days after the passenger checks out.’

As specified by Khadka, so far the company has focused on increasing users and promoting business rather than making a profit. Accordingly, in collaboration with Nepal Tourism Board, the company has been conducting ‘Promoting Nepal’ and ‘Promoting Domestic Tourism Nepal’ campaigns under the slogan ‘Promoting Nepal Tourism is Our Responsibility.’ The company also wishes to promote Nepal’s tourism worldwide by internationalizing Nepal’s tourism promotion.

How to book a hotel through Jaamna?

  1. Firstly, go to https://jaamna.com/hotel 
  2. You will be directed to the homepage
Xceltrip renames itself as 'Jaamna' 1
  1. Click on hotel, then click on search by city/hotel/area and type the location you wish to reside in. Also, do specify the number of people and click on “let’s go”. 
  2. You will then be taken to a window, where you can choose a hotel. After you find a hotel of your choice and liking click on choose option.
  3. Select a room and click on reserve now. 
  4. You will then need to fill out some other information.
Xceltrip renames itself as 'Jaamna' 2
  1. Scroll down and click on pay now if you wish to make an online payment or click on the pay at the hotel option if you want to pay directly. 

How to book a flight on Jaamna? 

  1. Go  to https://jaamna.com/hotel 
  2. Then click on the flight option. 
  3. You will be taken to a window where you will have to fill in the details. 
Xceltrip renames itself as 'Jaamna' 3
  1. Click on one way if you want ticke6for going only. 
  2. After filling in all the necessary details click on let’s go and select the airline.
  3. Click on reserve now and fill in other details accordingly.

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