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A code generator is a resource that generates a particular type of code or computer programming language automatically. Replit can be used easily to effortlessly generate accurate code. Replit is an online code editor through which you can automatically generate code in a variety of languages conveniently. It assists to build coding projects instantly with no setup. Recently, Replit has launched a new feature “Auto generate code Beta” forgenerating code for computer languages Other than python.This feature will be accessible for a few first people joining its auto-generated code waitlist. Hurry up! And get yourself registered for the merit through this link.

The code generator is to be rolled out to hacker plan customers. In case if you are not a hacker plan customer, you will be given hacker access for a week only through an invite. 

How to sign up for a hacker plan in Replit?

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It is very easy to sign up for a hacker plan in Replit.

  • Firstly, visit –
  • Then, Tap on “Sign up for Hacker”
  • After that, create a username by entering your email and then create a password
  • You will then be signed up in the platform
  • Lastly, Subscribe for the plan with the help of the payment options available

How to use Auto generate code Beta? 

Tap Python on create then tap on create repl and enter the title of your work. Then, you will be taken to a window where you will have to click on generate code. As soon as you tap you will be asked to write a prompt. Writing a prompt means writing something you want to make a code of. It works for real and you will be presented with the accurate code in no time. 

As mentioned earlier, this feature is made to be accessible for the first few people joining the waitlist of the Auto Generate Code Beta. So sign yourself up and get your seat reserved.


Replit also provides FREE hacker plans for students! 

Replit claims to believe that everyone should have instant access to a complete coding environment in the browser. Abiding by their belief, they have managed a privilege by which you can claim for free hacker plan too as an eligible student.

For claiming a free Hacker plan, students should apply for GitHub Student Developer Pack followed by log in to using GitHub credentials. If you are eligible, your account will be automatically upgraded to a Hacker plan for free for 6 months. 

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