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College life is  a messy ride we go through while our testosterone levels are at its peak. We are still young to behave like an adult but old enough to start taking our own responsibilities. There are so many things going on within us and around us that we might lose track of things. And to be honest, we can’t keep track of everything even if we wanted to but there are some things we can still keep track of. And with the help of what? some free android apps? Awesome, right?

Here is TechSathi’s list Best Free Apps for College Students which will make your life a lot easier to get through as a student

As young adults, we are guilty of not being committed to a new habit we want to pick up. Be it programming, gym, studying for a semester exam et cetera. We also want to break free from some bad habits such as smoking, procrastinating and falling in love ( maybe only my relationships are toxic but still.)  The free version of habitbull lets you keep track of 5 habits. It has a simple interface with a calendar which has “don’t break the chain “streak which lets you know in which days you broke the habit in the long run. It has an active community and shows motivational quotes correlated with habits you’re are picking on.  Who knows you may finally live up your childhood dream of being a Kung Fu Master or a Ninja by downloading it here?

My Study Life:

Remember when we used to be back in an institution called a school and used to be provided a paper planner. My study life provides the comfort of a paper planner with much more functionality and flexibility (I know I’m good at big words, bow down to me!). You can schedule your classes, due assignments, exams, sync it and on top of it also puts your phone on silent mode during classes automatically. Kinda of cool, don’t you think? Download it here

We all know about flashcards. We all know it’s the most effective way to learn new concepts, especially vocabulary (If you don’t know that yet. You failed at being a student 101. Maybe college isn’t for you. Wait! I’m being too harsh. I am just kidding. Chill!) Their website provides flashcards for programming et cetera.Spaced Learning has been proven as one of the most effective learning strategies in recent researchers. So, without further ado download the app from here.

Google Drive:

Well this one is a no-brainer, isn’t it? Google drive is a good place to save assignments, e books and presentations. I don’t think you’ll ever run out of the 15gb cloud storage they offer for free of cost. You should save all your group projects in drive  and wipe them from your hard drive just to scare your lazy ass good for nothing group project partners. Enough said. It probably came preinstalled in your android phone. Even if it did not don’t you worry kid, you can still download it here.

Google Keep:

Google Keep is a good way to take notes and organize them. It can be a good way to document notes and share it amongst friends. You can annotate picture and this app is so flexible that I prefer it over Evernote. Google Keep can be a good way of taking and syncing digital notes. You may as well use it save references for your assignment even though you’re going to copy off everything from Wikipedia anyways.


Fudget is budget planning app. It helps you keep track of your income and expenditure. As a student, it becomes utmost important to manage your budget because we all love shiny expensive things but having too much of shiny expensive things might hurt us badly because those expensive textbooks are pretty much compulsory. I never said student life is any fun. But with a little bit of accounting, we can still have fun at the margin? Rational people. Econ 101. Anyone?

7 Minute Workout:

Seven Minute Workout is exactly what the app’s name suggest. With all the partying, studies and all we still need time for our health. Various studies show the direct correlation between good health and academic performance. But the thing is we have limited time. So, 7 Minute Workout uses scientific short workout sessions. 7 minutes dedicated for a good health is a pretty good deal, right? Especially for us. The lazy generation. (Alright! I’m also tired of hearing that we are the most hardworking generation in the history of mankind…. okay maybe not the most hardworking but still we work as hard as we party and we workout).

Which apps are you using ? Please let us know in the comments below.


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