Thinking of getting a tattoo? Check these apps and sites before you get one


Tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days. Whether it is getting a small design on your foot or a huge one on your back, more and more people are willing to get their skin tattooed. You know you want a tattoo, but you just can’t decide what to get. Designing your own is always an option, but there are many tattoo design apps and sites that you can use to bring the picture from your head to your skin. With a lot of them available in the market, you can be creative and find a design you’ll love. These apps and sites will surely help you avoid any risks associated with getting a tattoo.

Check out these apps and sites before you prepare to get tattooed –

1. /r/tattoos

Before getting a tattoo you first have to brainstorm the tattoo you want. The Reddit community of  /r/tattoos is the biggest and most dedicated community of tattoo lovers on the internet. The massive collection of final, real-world images submitted by real people has been curated to show off the best tattoos that were created on location.

2. Inkhunter

Inkhunter is an augmented reality app that allows you to see what a tattoo will look like on your skin, from all angles, and in super-high resolution. The app uses your phone’s camera to scan your skin and create a 3D model of the area where you want the tattoo. You can then use this model to choose a design and share it with friends or even buy temporary tattoos.

3. Tattoo Master

Tattoo Master is a game that merges the best of coloring books, doodle apps, and virtual tattoos. It’s a lot like Instagram for people who love to tat. All you have to do is open the app, pick a design, color it in with your finger, and then save your masterpiece as an idea for later consumption. 

Whether you have a specific design in mind or are looking for some inspiration, these tattoo design apps and sites will help you bring the picture from your head to your skin. If you are deciding to get a tattoo, these apps are a must check. Tattoos are generally a part of life-long commitment, so why take a risk?

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