5 Mobile Apps for New and Expecting Parents


Pregnancy brings along a lot of questions in the minds of new parents to be. One way to help get the answers to many of those queries is by using mobile apps. Apps simplify and educate you about pregnancy during your journey. Applications tell you what to expect at different stages and explain the pace at which a baby is growing in the womb. There are even some apps to help while you are in labor and there are plenty of apps that help you track your nutrition. Others go as far as to suggest that you collect and buy stuff to keep ready for your child. Let’s learn about some apps that have been built to help new and expecting parents.

Here are 5 of the absolute best apps for new and expecting parents:

1. Pregnancy week by week 

5 Mobile Apps for New and Expecting Parents 2

Pregnancy Week by Week is one of the most popular pregnancy apps out there. The app does exactly what it is supposed to do. It tracks right from pre-pregnancy time to post-pregnancy time with the help of its algometric calculator and calendar. It leverages the large community of mothers to provide a personalized journey of your pregnancy along with the baby’s development. The app also provides you tips about what to expect physically and emotionally at each point along the way.

2. White Noise Baby

5 Mobile Apps for New and Expecting Parents 3

Music can play an important role in your child’s growth, even before birth. Exposing your child to music strengthens all areas of child development. And doing this early can help ensure that your baby grows up healthy. White Noise Baby has a wide variety of classic monotonous sounds (“white noise”) which is proven to be effective by specialists. These sounds are calming for the baby and resembles the kind of sounds that he would hear in the womb.

3. Stork

5 Mobile Apps for New and Expecting Parents 4

Stork provides personalized updates about your pregnancy. You just have to enter your due date. Stork looks for everything else and sends out personalized updates each day and week related to your pregnancy. The app reminds you about appointments, provides information on basic embryology, and tracks mood, food, and water intake. Stork also tracks and logs your pregnancy weight gain. Similarly, it provides you a contraction timer for when the big day comes, suggests a newborn shopping list, hospital bag checklist, and many more articles and tips.

4. Dad’s pregnancy app 

5 Mobile Apps for New and Expecting Parents 5

Created by Prodaddy, Dad’s pregnancy is a dad-centric pregnancy app. The app provides in-depth articles and tips which help father to focus more on equal parenting responsibility. Prodaddy encourages dads-to-be to present at the baby shower, ways to ask for and use paternity leave, as well as checklists for the care of partner and baby at the same time. One thing the app stands out for is the instructions it provides in such a cheeky and cute way that no dad can ignore. 

Sprout Pregnancy

5 Mobile Apps for New and Expecting Parents 6

Sprout pregnancy provides you an opportunity to experience as well as feel life-like interactive movements like kicks and heartbeats happening right inside your growing belly. It provides a realistic visual representation of what’s happening inside in such an immersive way with the use of next-gen 3D interaction techniques. It also presents images of what your baby looks like in the womb and how big they are. You can even record belly photos and will also be able to share priceless pregnancy thoughts and moments in the pregnancy journal. It is one of the powerful apps for new parents.

If you are in the beginning of your parenthood journey, these apps are helpful. However, they aren’t meant to replace medical care. They are designed to simplify and ease out your life wherever and however they can with the use of technology. Apps can be a great way to prepare yourself for what to expect and know what’s normal or not but you should never rely on an app to answer your medical questions. Always use these apps for general information and immediately consult your doctor in case of slight abnormalities. 


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