If you are thinking of installing WiFi at the lowest price, let us inform you that there is a cheaper option in the market. A new ISP- WiFi Nepal is offering WiFi at the lowest price till now in Nepal.

You can enjoy the speed of 30 Mbps internet at only Rs 333 per month. Wifi Nepal is a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the town that this offering this services.

About WiFi Nepal; How is it providing internet at such a low price?

Wifi Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a new player among the internet service providers in Nepal which is offering business and individual customers high speed internet connectivity and communications solutions since its establishment in 2073 B.S.

It has recently introduced its internet service at a very low price in Nepal. At present, this service is available for Kathmandu valley and they are about to expand to other cities very soon.

Amid the on going speed-war among the ISPs, along with the entry of CG Net providing the services at a lower cost, ISPs are concerned more in satisfying their customers at the lowest price and high speed internet.

In this run, WiFi Nepal has entered to the ISP market giving a cut-throat competition to the existing ones with its lowest rates in the market.

You can enjoy two varying internet speed packages- one of 30 Mbps and the other of 50 Mbps.

30 Mbps Plan

30 Mbps1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year
Installation ChargeRs.0Rs.0Rs.0Rs.0
Router ChargeRs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500

In this 30 Mbps plan, you can get to enjoy internet at just Rs 333 (exclusive of VAT) if you buy the annual plan of Rs 5500. Under this, the internet service charge is Rs 4000 per year and the one-time cost for the router installation is Rs 1500.

50 Mbps Plan

50 Mbps1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year
Installation ChargeRs.0Rs.0Rs.0Rs.0
Router ChargeRs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500Rs.1500

In the 50 Mbps plan, you can get internet service at just Rs 417 per month if you buy the annual package. Similarly, the router installation charge will cost Rs 1500. This will amount to Rs 6500 a year for 50 Mbps package.

Grab this opportunity of using WiFi at the lowest price from WiFi Nepal

As internet has been a necessity for everyone, getting internet services at such a low rate would help working individuals and students at large. Also, the freelancers living in a rented flats could get the most out of it.

Most of the people have been using shared internet facility due to the rising cost of internet. In such case, they have been facing low bandwidth as the number of users increases.

According to the company, this would mostly benefit students, freelancers and families staying in rented flats can benefit more from these internet packages of WiFi Nepal. For now, WiFi Nepal is providing these packages for households only. Office packages are still not available in this rate.

You can visit their site and contact to get the internet service in your home.

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