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Tootle is Nepal’s own ride-sharing platform with a user base of more than 800,000. The company first started with a two-wheeler ride-sharing service that resulted in a tremendous success. Tootle was the first company in Nepal to initiate a ride-sharing platform. Subsequently, after receiving tons of love and support from users, tootle has stepped into 4 wheelers service through Tootle CABBY.

Lately, the company has launched the online-based cab service. Thus, users can now use cab sharing along with Tootle bike ride-sharing. Now onwards, you can choose between two-wheelers and four-wheelers, according to your needs in Tootle.

What is Tootle CABBY?

Tootle CABBY is an initiative to share a ride in four-wheelers, i.e, cabs. This platform connects people who are looking for a ride and are willing to share their ride in four-wheelers. Unlike Tootle MOTO, Tootle CABBY is solely for four-wheelers. Besides this, everything is more or less the same and you can access both of these services from the same Tootle app. .

How did the concept start?

Tootle received an overwhelming amount of feedback from its users over the past three years of execution. Considering the feedbacks, the company has finally brought an additional feature. As the company told us, they got a lot of request messages to start a cab facility which eventually opened the gateway for Tootle CABBY. Finally, now after its successful launch, we can enjoy Tootle’s cab service.

How safe is Tootle CABBY?

After the pandemic outbreak, we’ve stayed indoors for too long. But people are gradually switching to a safe travel concept. Even so, traveling during a pandemic is still a hassle and public transport is still at high risk. Moreover, it’s now a matter of security concern.

Tootle CABBY ensures the safe and secure traveling of its users. Moreover, Tootle has already tested this for a week and the responses have been startling. We hope this cab sharing platform will provide safer travel at this time of the pandemic.

Advantages for Tootle partners

The global COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us jobless. Also, many are still struggling to lead a normal life. To ease the normal lives of people, Tootle is not charging any commission to its riders. Both Tootle MOTO partners and Tootle CABBY partners are getting this privilege. Thus, the partners will get to keep all the money paid by users. Additionally, there won’t also be intermediary charges.

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Tootle CABBY houses perfectly with this pandemic situation. Furthermore, traveling in one of Tootle’s cab can be very safe. The company has made a promising statement to add new features soon. Hence, overall we find it worth it to suggest you try this new platform in our very own tootle.


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