Share Sansar Pro VS MeroLagani : Which one is better for traders?


The ability to recognise trends in trading data is critical to a trader’s success, especially for those who trade frequently. Knowing the most up-to-date facts can assist you to avoid making emotional or reflexive judgments. It’s simple to make better-educated judgments when you have the data from your stock analysis software. A technical analysis system can produce buy and sell indications as well as assist in the discovery of fresh trading opportunities. So, here are the features provided by Share Sansar Pro and Mero Lagani to their users:

Share Sansar Pro

Share Sansar Pro vs MeroLagani is a comprehensive financial online platform that provides users with financial news and information, analysis, corporate news, interviews, and exclusive stories about publicly traded firms and the general economy, allowing them to make the best financial decisions possible. Share Sansar is operated by IMS Investment Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (IMS) which offers stock market training and develops financial software for both individual and institutional clients.

Features of Share Sansar Pro

  • Free Built-in Portfolio Tracker
  • Investment Worth Calculator
  • In-depth Mutual Fund Analysis & Buy/Sell/Hold info
  • Broker Analytics & Buy/Sell/Holdings info
  • Live Charts with Charting Software


Share Sansar ProRs. 3500 for 1 year


Merolagani Portfolio Tracker and Watchlist

Merolagani offers a Portfolio tracker tailored to Nepalese requirements. It allows you to keep track of all of your investments and keep track of your profits and losses. offers real-time stock quotes, as well as news, announcements, annual and quarterly reports, and analysis, as well as portfolio management tools. Asterisk Technology Pvt. Ltd. created and runs Merolagani. Asterisk Technology is an IT firm that focuses on developing systems for Nepal’s capital market. Since September 2011, the company has been in operation.

Services Provided by MeroLagani

  • Data Analytics
  • Portfolio
  • Technical Data
  • Podcast
  • Online Trading Training


Data AnalyticsRs. 3500 for 12 months, Rs 2000 for 6 months and Rs. 400 for 1 month
PortfolioRs. 500 for 6 Months, Rs. 1000 for 1 Year
Technical DataRs. 250 for 1 Month, Rs. 2500 fo 1 Year
PodcastRs. 20 for weekly renewal, Rs. 100 for 1 Month, Rs. 500 for 1 Year
Basic Share Training 1 MonthRs. 150
Advance Technical Analysis 1 MonthRs. 2500

Mega Offers

Package IncludesPackage Price
Monthly PackageData Analytics 1 Month
Merolagani Newsletter, Online Stock Training Advance Technical Analysis
Rs. 3,100
Six-Months PackageData Analytics 6 Month, Portfolio 6 Months, Merolagani Newsletter 6 MonthsRs. 1,000
Yearly PackagePodcast 1 Year, Portfolio 1 Year, Merolagani Newsletter 1 Year, Data Analytics 1 YearRs. 9,700

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Whether you’re a newbie, a day trader, or a long-term investor, stock analysis software won’t suddenly propel you to the top, but it will provide you with the information you need to get there. Adapting to market swings is a skill that can be learned. Backtesting allows you to use past data to execute strategies.


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