How to Register PAN Using Nagarik App?


The Nagarik App has crossed over 3 million downloads just after 5 days of its launch. The app has been encountering some issues here and there which are mainly related to citizenship verification but it’s just the Beta version so we can expect the app to improve on its bugs gradually. Overall the apps look decent at initial viewing and from what we know so far from government press releases there are promising plans ahead. According to them, currently, only 50% of the app’s features have been launched in the Beta version. You can currently Register PAN Using Nagarik App from anywhere, anytime within minutes.

The current Beta version of the Nagarik App incorporates features such as Citizenship, Passport, Voter’s card, education certificates verification. Also, there is a feature to Register PAN Using Nagarik App which we will be discussing in this article. Additionally, the government plans to introduce features such as applying for a driver’s license, passport, voter’s card, bill book renewal, and more on the app itself.

What is PAN and why do you need it?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a document provided by the government for any individual or taxpayer. It is an identification number that identifies an individual as a taxpayer in Nepal. It is used by the government to keep records of taxes paid by the citizens. PAN is required for various financial transactions such as to acquire salary, import, export, applying for loan, business transactions and more. Currently, over 1300 people have registered for PAN through using Nagarik app.

Register PAN Using Nagarik App?

  1. Login to the Nagarik App and verify your account. Once your account is verified you can use all available features of the app.
  2. Click on the “PAN” option on the Home Screen.
  3. Choose the “Register PAN” option to apply for a PAN number. If you already have a PAN number you can link it directly by entering the number there.
  4. Next, you will need to choose the office you want to apply for the PAN number from. You can choose the office from different locations according to your convenience.
  5. Then you will have to fill in some additional details required for the PAN number application process. The earlier details that you had provided for verification of your account through citizenship, passport, or voters card will already be shown there. You will also need to provide your passport size photo.
  6. After filling in the required details you can click on the proceed button and submit your application.

So just with some simple steps you can register for PAN number using Nagarik App. All the hassles of long queues and unwanted trouble is eliminated. We hope that more government related works will be introduced into the app soon as promised. This will not only save time of the general public but also increase transparency in work.


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