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Marriage, being one of the inseparable chapters in life, isn’t that easy for everyone. Firstly, you must find a partner, build a connection, and then take things ahead. For those already in a relationship, things ease a bit. But what about those who are single? Is there a way to find a perfect match for them?

For all single ones, Panchey Baaja app is awaiting to assist you. Who knows, things might get better this time. What if you catch a chance to connect with a girl and end up marrying her? Wouldn’t it be great? So, let’s proceed this post further and learn more about the app.

What is Panchey Baaja?

Panchey Baaja is the new Nepali matrimonial/dating app to help Nepalese living within the country or abroad. Specifically, the app helps you find life partners based on your preferences. It is an app to offer a balance between arranged marriage and love marriage as it assists in finding a perfect partner. Further, it’s an application developed and launched by Half Full Technology Pvt. Ltd which vows to provide a better dating environment.

What can you do in Panchey Baaja?

Panchey Baaja displays only girls profiles for boys and vice-versa. One can search for a better partner in the app based on their preferences. Under preferences, the app includes choices of caste, occupation, income, education qualification and more. Moreover, the app also allows you to look for citizens of other countries. Additionally, if you want to look for people living abroad, you can choose the county and search for people in any city or state. Not only this, the app even tells how compatible you and the person you choose are based on your profiles. Isn’t it too interesting?

Download Panchey Baaja?

Panchey Baaja was released on Google Play Store and App Store a month ago. Therefore, this app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. To make the downloads easy for you, here are the links:

How to use the app?

Like several other dating apps, Panchey Baaja is also easy to use. Once you download and get started, you’ll see three login options. You can login with Facebook, login with google, or even login with a phone. These login options are exclusively for those who already have an account. Below these options, you’ll find ‘create an account’ option which is exactly what beginners go for. Tap it and create your account. After creating your account, upload your photos and selfies. Then add your details, bio and manage your account as you wish.

Is Panchey Baaja secure enough to win our trust?

The app is highly serious about security concerns. In order to ensure user’s safety it is well concerned in mitigating fake profiles. For that, there’s double check provision. Once you upload your photos, you’ll also have to submit your selfies. Then they’ll scan it and send you results. Green sign indicates that the profile is secure whereas red sign might indicate fake profiles. So, in conclusion, the app is secure to a large extent. And they even promise to bring security vigilance in the future.


Concluding this post, Panchey Baaja can be a true companion for those who are looking for a partner for themselves. Thus, if you are one among them, download and discover people of your preference that might be your potential partner.


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