Digi School Brings free IT Bridge Courses and Scholarship Programs


Digi School has started providing free IT bridge courses for +2 Students. With this students can now easily take part in this free IT Courses while staying at home.

With this free IT course facility, students can actively participate in online classes. Informatively, the classes will continue for two consecutive months. Further, for the top 10 students, the school will even provide 50% scholarship in its partner colleges. The partner colleges include Softwarika college and Sunway College. Similarly, the rest of the students will also get 20% to 30% of scholarships.

Bigyan Shrestha, the chairperson of the school says, “This program focuses mainly on students of class 11 & 12 who’ve completed their exams. And are waiting for further studies.” So, if you’re one of them, contact Digi School for a free IT course.

What’s included in the Free IT course?

Digi Schools has been posting IT bridge course videos in it’s website, digischoolglobal.com. So, students can login and learn from those videos. They can even send their queries to school’s email at any hour of the day.

Digi Shool Free IT Course

In addition, the school will also conduct live class once a week. There, students can learn about Python, Java, HTML, CSS and more. Moreover, students attending Digi classes will also be forward in Pseudo-code, scratch, data science and cyber security. Alongside, they’ll also develop a good understanding of photo video editing, computer hardware, software development and repair.

What is Digi School?

Digi School is a digi program developed by NCC Education, a UK based school and higher level curriculum designer. Softwarika college and Sunway college introduced it in Nepal with a strategic partnership.

Schools brought Digi school in Nepal to provide Nepali students with international level of computer education. Moreover, IGCSE (International general Certificate Of Secondary Education) too values this “Digi Program”.

Bigyan Shrestha, the chairman of Softwarika college says, ” As world is entering to ‘digital world’, technology is important in Nepal as well. Nearly two or three decades ago, Nepalis learnt about boarding schools for the first time. But not much changes are seen till the date. Thus, schools should now go digital. And we’ve started the same thing in “Digi School”.

How to take free IT classes from Digi School?

Those who are interested in the free IT bridge course login to digischoolglobal.com and start studying. So, won’t you too join the course?


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