Do You Make the Best out of Rough Blogging Situations?


Do You Make the Best out of Rough Blogging Situations?

Check out the image.

Do You Make the Best out of Rough Blogging Situations?

I snapped this picture in Oman. Oman is largely a desert nation. Me and my wife spent time in Nizwa. This arid town in the middle of the desert receives only around 1 inch of rain each year. Water is scarce. My wife and I experienced a 5 minute shower during our 2 months there. Every day was clear, cloudless and bone dry, save the 5 minute shower.

Do you see the green in the picture? Ingenious Omani people built irrigation systems in certain desert areas to grow crops. I even visited an entire little farm-type setup sitting on a mountain a bit outside of Nizwa. I had to rub my eyes. In the middle of a desert receiving 1 inch of rain – if that – each year, I saw all types of fruits and vegetables in a lush, green oasis. Cragged, rocky outcroppings bone dry in their formation do not seem to be willing neighbors to thriving green vegetation.

Obviously, the Omani people make the best out of rough situations. Anyone who grows crops in a dry, almost rain-free desert climate does a fine job creatively thinking through problems to improve their situation. 

Professional bloggers form a similar habit. Every pro blogger I know makes the best out of rough blogging situations. For example, a few years ago my former host seemed to go downhill. Customer service took a nosedive but even worse, it seemed like the host began overloading servers. My blog crashed and went offline for almost two weeks. Most bloggers would deem this the roughest of spots. I panicked a little bit and even flipped out a few times but largely remained calm. I knew the universe had a lesson for me.

Eventually, I decided to make the best out of rough blogging situations. Not only did I cultivate the habits of patience, persistence, and trust, I eventually went with a VPS. My blog has almost never been offline over the past 2 years. Load times seem as quick as ever. I did a little complaining during my tough blogging spot because I chose to make the best out of blogging hardship.

Do you see the benefit of blogging failure? Do you learn from blogging obstacles? Or do you feel handcuffed by tough moments? If creative, flat out ingenious Omani people engineered irrigation in the desert to grow crops some 5000 years ago, you can creatively profit from a bleak situation as an aspiring blogger. See the good in the seemingly bad situation. Stop complaining. Begin learning. 

Make the Best out of Rough Blogging Situations

As a rule, most bloggers complain about blogging difficulties. This is why most bloggers never go pro. Have you noticed how the web seems to be littered with 1000’s posts about how to drive blog traffic and how to increase blogging profits? Why do so few bloggers drive traffic and increase their profits slowly but steadily with such a rich library of posts online? Most bloggers run into obstacles, struggle to increase their traffic and profits, and simply quit, versus making the best out of a difficult blogging situation.

Learn why you struggle. Pay close attention to how you feel. Bloggers deeply fearsome aspects of blogging. The fear manifests as some struggle. I feared guest posting for years. I struggled to increase my blog traffic because I feared guest posting. Facing, feeling, and releasing this fear influenced me to begin guest blogging. Increased blogging success followed.

Instead of complaining about my traffic woes I saw the opportunity to boost my traffic through guest posting but needed to face, feel, and release fears to begin guest posting.

See the good in the bad. Every rough blogging patch unearths some beneficial, success-promoting opportunity you need to seize in order to make the best of this possibility.

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