Nagarik App Goes Official From Today: Here’s What You Can Do With It


The most awaited app developed by the government has been launched today on the occasion of National ICT Day-2021. The official launch of Nagarik App was inaugurated by the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, along with the presence of Minister For Communication and Information Technology, Parbat Gurung and other dignitaries. 

With the tagline “Government Service at your fingertips”, the government had made public the beta version of ‘Nagarik App’ in January 2021 saying that it will provide government services to the citizens hand in hand. It had been in the testing phase since then. Now, it is made available for all Nepalese citizens to enjoy almost all of the governmental services. This app is anticipated to become a strong foundation in making Nepal a digital economy since it is developed as per the vision of Digital Nepal Framework- 2075. 

What Actually is Nagarik App?

As the name withholds, this app is exclusively made for Nepalese citizens where they can access their personal documents in the app anytime so as to get rid of the hassle in carrying the official documents every time while visiting a governmental office/ unit.

  1. Huge Database of Users

Nagarik App integrates the digital records of identification documents available in major governmental units. It combines the database record of the citizenship of 21.5 million Nepalese from Home Ministry, voter’s ID of 15.5 million citizens from Election Commission and more than 6.5 millions of passport documents from Department of Passports so that the digital identity of the citizens is verified. 

  1. Integrated System

Nagarik App Goes Official From Today: Here’s What You Can Do With It 1

This very app is beneficial over individual mobile apps required for different services. This would wipe out the need to download individual apps for the services you would like to get. All types of governmental services are linked in this app’s integrated system so that it would allow you the one stop service for the following:

  • Citizens can get PAN number by applying for PAN card from this app
  • Details of taxes paid to the government can also be obtained through mobile sets
  • Details of citizenship, passport, educational certificate and voter identity card can be obtained immediately
  • Information can be obtained about the amount deposited in the account of citizen investment fund, provident fund and social security fund and loan details
  • Complaints can be made to the government
  • Similarly, it can be seen that the government and public bodies have heard and addressed the grievances of the citizens.
  • Using this app, you can enjoy faceless and paperless services and save your time along with taking service on public holidays as well
  • One can even get their police report made through this app 

3. Opening bank account from QR Codes

Nagarik App Goes Official From Today: Here’s What You Can Do With It 2

This is going to be a digital revolution in the development of the country’s fintech sector. 

For the first time in the world, one can open a bank account using a QR code from a governmental app. Similarly, QR code available in Nagarik app would allow us to verify our KYC. The API of Nagarik app is available for banks so that when we use that QR code, our data is directly linked to the bank which makes it easier for auto verification of our KYC while opening a bank account. For now, this service in Nagarik App is made available by Siddhartha Bank Limited and Nepal Bank Limited. 

What are the advantages of keeping it in your phone?

We all know the inconvenience of carrying all our documents while visiting a governmental office. This hassle is to be eradicated by the use of Nagarik app where your details regarding the citizenship ID, passport, voter’s card, PAN card, driving license, insurance, academic certificates and other financial identification documents can be digitally integrated. They can be verified digitally in every governmental unit possible so that you need not show them the required documents every time. 

This app would redirect the following documents to the concerned government offices with the users’ consent which are normally required to present there:

  • Citizenship ID/ Voter’s ID
  • Passport Document
  • Driving License
  • Academic Certificates
  • PAN Card
  • Employee Provident Fund’s ID
  •  Social Security Fund documents
  • Police Report 
  • Health Insurance Card

The government is working on adding every possible digital service from its side. 

The major objective of launching this app by the government is to:

  • To save the time and effort of citizens in carrying hard copy of required documents
  • To save the spending on submitting the required documents regularly since they are already stored in the database of concerned offices
  • To increase transparency in governmental activities so as to reduce corruption 

This app helps you in the following ways:

  1. It has high end security and verification process since you need to enter a unique code every time you login 
  2. Once you register with all the required details, your documents are auto verified
  3. Within a single click, you can opt for enjoying the governmental services
  4. Using touch-free QR code to open a bank account is more easier than filling up the KYC form in the bank
  5. The first roll out of this app provides governmental services and the non- governmental services will also soon be added
  6. One can even place their complaints regarding governmental services through grievances portal Hello Sarkar
  7. One can request for verification of their document if any error is found there
  8. Paying taxes and renewal charges of vehicles online is also possible through this app now
  9. There is a special feature called “Mero Kitta” which allows you to check your land registration certificate, print it and pay land registration taxes
  10.  Paying taxes to the local government is also easier through it.
  11. You can use this app to apply for the examinations of Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa), driving license, purchasing a SIM card and other governmental services
  12. The major merit is that it would prevent proxy users to misuse your information
  13. These pros would certainly waive off book keeping and recording costs of the governmental offices since very details required are digitally stored in the Nagarik App.

Does it mean that our confidential documents is exposed to all governmental units?

Not really. Nagarik App has maintained the security protocol in such a way that the service rendering unit can not take away the copy of your details during verification. While scanning the QR code, it asks for your consent to provide access of your details to the selected departments. It means you can choose whom to share your information with. So, you can be assured that your personal details would not be misused.

Now that you have been familiar with the numerous advantages of having Nagarik App, lets know how to verify your Nagarik App ID.

Step 1: Download the Nagarik App in your phone

Step 2: Open it and select the language you would prefer to use 

Nagarik App Goes Official From Today: Here’s What You Can Do With It 3

Step 3: Enter your mobile number and verify with a 6-digit token number 

Nagarik App Goes Official From Today: Here’s What You Can Do With It 4

Step 4: Verify your identification with any one among Citizenship ID, Voter’s ID or Passport

Nagarik App Goes Official From Today: Here’s What You Can Do With It 5

Step 5: Once your document is verified, you can upload other documents like academic certificates, photo, email address and others.


The government in leadership has been positive regarding the need of digital revolution in the country for economic development. By the launch of Nagarik App, it has made it possible to link the governmental services in a single integrated app system so as to ease the citizens in enjoying governmental services in any governmental units. It would save time, money and effort of both service rendering parties and service beneficiaries. Nagarik App is anticipated to contribute a lot in making governmental services more convenient than  ever, thereby removing the common misconception that “governmental services are way sluggish”. And with the introduction of the option of opening bank accounts from QR codes, it has shown the sincere inclination towards technological adaptation for a better future. 

Have you downloaded the Nagarik App? Which feature did you like the most in it? We hope you’ll provide your valuable responses. 


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