Local Elections 2079 are Approaching Near: How to Check Your Details in Voter List?


Local Elections 2079 are approaching near as the month of Baisakh has already started. The preparations and promotions of election is going on in every nook and corner of the country. Various new trends are being seen in this year’s local elections. The political parties are making their own allies whereas many youths are also emerging to give their candidacy for local elections.

While the preparations for the Local Elections 2079 are going on, as the citizen of the country, it is one of the basic rights of ours to get a chance to vote and choose the leaders.

Since the last elections in 2017, this is the next time we are getting a chance to choose who will lead for the greater good in the country. Many young people are giving their vote for the first time in this election. Hence, you might have applied for the voter’s list for the first time. Without the voter’s ID, you will not get a chance to give your vote on the ballet.

The local levels comprises of village body, municipality and district assembly. In this Local Elections 2079, we will get a chance to choose our leaders for these local units. Under the constitution, a local level in Nepal is divided into 77 districts & 753 local levels including 6 metropolises, 11 sub- metropolises, 276 municipalities, and 460 rural municipalities).

To know about the structure of local level elections, click here.

Know the importance of your voter’s card

Voter’s card is the identifying document that recognizes you as a citizen having voting rights. The Constitution of Nepal 2072 has provided various forms of electoral systems ranging from local level, state assembly, federal parliament, president and vice president.

Voters have the capacity to decide on the quality of life for themselves and future generations by casting ballots. Voting allows citizens to speak out about issues that are important to them and have an impact on their lives. The vote is the citizen’s authority over the politician. Citizens choose what public funds will be spent for by voting for the candidate who most closely resembles their ideology, goal, and viewpoint.
Furthermore, voting provides citizens with the opportunity to alter the system.

Articles 84, 176, 222 and 223 in The Constitution of Nepal have provisioned about the voting rights of Nepali citizens in Nepal. In Nepal, each citizen of Nepal who has completed the age of eighteen years shall have the right to vote in any one election constituency as provided for in the Federal law.

In this Local Elections 2079, you will need to show the Voter’s ID at the Election spot.

If you have applied for the Voter’s ID, you can check your details in the Voter’s list for this Local Elections 2079

As the Local Elections 2079 is scheduled to happen on Baisakh 29 and 30, the deadline for applying for voter’s list has already ended. Now, those who have applied for the voter’s ID can check their details in the voter’s list for this election.

Those who have already got their voter’s ID in the previous elections too will get their name in the Voter’s list.


All the information shown below are shown from Election commission Nepal.

How to check your details in the Voter’s list?

The Elections Commissions of Nepal has the authority to hold records of voters and the candidates. You can check your details in the voter’s list by going through these few steps:

Go to the official website of Elections Commission: https://election.gov.np/

Then, go to Matadaata Naamawali (Voter’s Namelist) section at the top right tab

Local Elections 2079

After you find the page as above, select the details of your State, District, Municipality or Rural Municipality, Ward No., Voting Spot and then click on Submit.

Then, you will get to see the name list. Search by your name and click on Voter’s details.

Then, enter your birth date or citizenship ID and enter the Captcha.

Local Elections 2079

Click on Submit and you will get to know about your details.

In this way, you can get to know about your details and check if they are correct or not. If you find any mistake, you can request for a change in the details. For that, you can contact your local level or contact Election Commission through mail.

For that, you’ll need to click on “Contact Us” tab on the website of Election Commission and enter your name, email address and message.

Local Elections 2079

You can search for the voter’s list in ECN app as well

  • Download the ECN mobile app in your device.
  • Then, go to Voter Info and Education option
  • Click on Voter No. Search
  • Select your State, District, Local Level, Ward No. Enter your date of birth and then click on Search
  • Then you’ll get the details.

This way you can be ready for the coming elections and then utilize your voting power. This is the time for you to leverage your voting rights in choosing the leadership. Hope your vote would not go on vain in the Local Elections 2079.

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