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We have been playing games made by foreign developers but do you know about Nepali Games developed by developers from Nepal? Being a Nepali and a game enthusiast, I love playing games and enjoy competition in the games, whether offline games or online games. Not only me but most of us love playing games and we are interested in mobile games even more because it does not need a powerful processor or GPU. You can play them anywhere whenever you feel free.

With the rise of technology and the internet, gaming has been popularised in Nepal as well as many developers have tried their hand at developing games. You may or may not know but you might be playing some mobile games developed by Nepali but do not worry about it. Today in this article we will talk about the fantastic games made by Nepali developers.

Nepali Games made by Nepalese developers:

1. LUDO:

Ludo is one of the most popular Nepali games in the Google Playstore. Who has not played Ludo once if you are from Nepal, it is one of the most common time-watching activities done by Nepali whenever friends meet each other. It is our favorite pastime while talk and recall our past with friends and family members.

List of Games that were built in Nepal - Nepali Games 1
Ludo by Yarsa Games

There are multiple ludo games in the play store but if you see Yarsa Games beside it then you should get the idea that it is made by a Nepali developer. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times and has been reviewed 4.2 stars by more than 2 lakh 54 thousand game lovers. It has been successful to make itself the second topmost free game in board games.

There is another Ludo game named Ludo Neo-Classic: King of the Dice Game which is also developed by Nepali developers. It has been downloaded 10 million times and has a wonderful game rating of 4.1 stars. It is developed by Neoclassic Tech Pvt. Ltd. Both the games have different modes and you can select any of them and enjoy your time with friends and family members.

ludo Nepali games
Ludo Neo-Classic: King of the Dice Game

2. Urban legends – Survival:

If you are into horror games then you might have encountered this game in the recommendation list of your play store. This game is developed by a Nepali Developer Ashim Shakya and is based in the ancient Kathmandu valley where you are stuck and need to navigate before you are haunted by ghosts and maniacs.

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This is one of the most good-looking games among Nepali Games and has a great feel to it while playing. Till now it has been downloaded by 100K+ people on the play store and has an awesome 4.6 review. It is rated 12+ which means it is for children who are older than 12 years old and young children below 12 years must play this game under parental guidance. The size of this game is 110 MB.

Nepali games
Urban Legends – survival

3. Gorkhali Battle:

This is an action game made by Apps Sathi and has average graphics as well as a captivating character design. There is not much action and it has approached the game in a minimalistic manner. This is a single-player game where you have to complete different levels by defeating enemies by killing them using guns. With every increasing level, the games become harder and even more fun.

Nepali games
Gorkhali Battle

Gorkhali Battle has been downloaded by more than ten thousand game lovers and more than six hundred people have rated this game with an average of 4.7 stars.

4. BaghChal – Tigers and Goats:

There are different Nepali games but Baghchal is based on one of the oldest strategies concepts. It is always fun playing Nepali games that are rooted in the tradition of the motherland. This game is typically played on a board or a flat surface and it can be played with friends or a bot computer. One plays the role of a goat and another plays the role of a Tiger. This is one of my favorite Nepali games of mine.

Nepali games
Baghchal – Tigers and Goats

TechnoGuff is the creator of this Nepali game and you can enjoy this game on your mobile device. If you are unfamiliar with the game then the game begins with 20 goats and four tigers. The four tigers are placed in the four corners of the board, and the goats are mounted one at a time. As a player, you win the game when you kill all the goats or capture all four tigers before they kill the goats. This game has been downloaded more than 5lakh times and has a rating of 4.0 stars.

5. Harke:

Harke is a Nepali Adventure and action 2D game and has very smooth gameplay. This game is developed by Hawa Games and has been downloaded by over ten thousand people with a rating of 4.8 stars. The character has a great little touch of Nepali traditional dress and you have to complete the game by going through different obstacles. The game has given great attention to detail to the background of the game as it shows different temples made in pagoda style and Bauddhastupa.

Nepali games

6. Nepal Driving License – Car, Bus & Motorcycle Test:

This game has have developed by Yarsa Games and it has four modes i.e. Parking Lot, Driving School, Street Parking, and Extreme parking. Here you can learn about all the traffic signs which can be helpful for people who are trying to pass the driving test. This game is downloaded by 5 million people till now and has been reviewed by more than nineteen thousand individuals. This is one of the Nepali games that work on simulation and is based on vehicles.

Nepali games

7. Call Break:

There are different Nepali games on play store for people to explore and among them are card games. Neoclassic Tech Pvt. Ltd and Yarsa Games have made their mark in card games section worldwide. Call Break ++ from Neoclassic tech has been installed by more than 5 million individuals whereas Call Break game made by Yarsa Games is downloaded by more than 1 million people. Both have got great response because both games has got awesome review of an average 4.0 stars.

call break Nepali games
Call Break ++

Both the game runs smoothly on low-end devices and requires a minimum user interface. You do not ne high end devices to play these games. This is one of the Nepali games that you just download and they will run smoothly in any device.

These are some of the Nepali games that are available for you to download in play store and we hope you got idea of the games that are developed by Nepali developers and companies. Download these Nepali games and enjoy them while you are free.


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