How to Earn Money with Python Programming in 2022 ?


Do you love programming languages? If yes then which programming language do you use the most? If the answer is Python, then we are going to take on your ride of how to earn money with python automation? Who does not like making money? And it is even more fun and satisfying when you can make money by doing what you like. So get excited about making money using your favorite programming language i.e. Python.

Before going into the perspective of earning money with python, you first need to understand what Python really is? Python is one of the most popular languages in the current generation because of how helpful and useful it is.

Python – A dynamic Language

Python is a dynamically semantic, interpreted, object-oriented high-level programming language. Its high-level built-in data structures, together with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it ideal for Rapid Application Development and as a scripting or glue language for connecting existing components. Python’s concise, easy-to-learn syntax prioritizes readability, which lowers software maintenance costs. Modules and packages are supported by Python, which fosters program modularity and code reuse. The Python interpreter and its substantial standard library are free to download and distribute in source or binary form for all major platforms.

earn money with python programming

Now let us move on to the topic which is how to earn money with python. Making money is not easy in any case and earning money with python automation is also a similar case. Firstly, you need to be fond of programming in python and do not jump on python just because you want to make riches out of it. You need to have enthusiasm and skills to survive in this competitive market of automation, especially that uses python for it.

List of things you can do to earn money with python programming

If you know how to code in python and are the absolute best at it, then there are a lot of ways for you to earn money using python. If you are learning python very recently then also you can go after the projects and jobs that we will discuss in this article moving forward. Here is the list of things that you can do to earn money with python programming:

1. Make Python Bot:

What is a Python bot? The bot is shortened word given for bot users. These are basically automated program that looks and behaves like a real person as they are able to react to specific commands and events. You might have seen these bots somewhere like in a discord. What happens when you join a server, a special bot will welcome you to that server. So you can also create similar kinds of bots using python and sell them as API to others that are interested in such bots.

make money using python

You can create a chatbot, discord bot, Twitter bot, telegram bot, and many other bots that you might think that people would buy. Creating bots and selling them as API is one of the ways to earn money with python programming.

2. Work as a developer in a Company:

You might be amazed why we have put this thing here as it very known to every people. However, you should never neglect the basics. It is always good to have a stable job. After learning python you can apply to different companies that need python developers.

Nothing is more satisfying than getting paid and making money by using python programming in a company where you are paid well. Being a developer in a company not only brings you money but also prestige to your name. You might ask Isn’t it difficult to get into a company as a developer? Yes, it might be a difficult task but if you are able to master the python then you do not need to worry about it. Your skills in python will always land you a job. Being motivated and having an agile mindset to make yourself the best at python can land you a high-paying job at national and multinational companies as a developer.

3. Freelance as a Python Developer:

Once you have learned the basics of pythons such as functions, python methods, iteration, lists, variables, and its data structures then you might freelance as a developer to earn money with python. There are lots of websites and platform that helps you host yourself as a freelancer. The most popular one is Fiverr, you can create your gig and post it on Fiverr for people to see. Working as a freelancer is one of the best ways to earn money for the skills that you have in Python.

Freelancing helps you to take on different projects and this makes you familiar with the kinds of tasks that might come up in the future while you work as a developer in a company. So do not be afraid to put yourself forward in freelancing and earn money with python programming.

4. Web Development:

Web development is one of the options that you can go after learning to code in python. Web developers are the most sort after in the market and web development is a high-paying job that can be done. The average salary of a web developer in the USA is around $67,956 per year.

How can you start with web development in Python? You can start utilizing Django, Flask, and FastAPI, which are the most popular Python web frameworks. You can begin learning them, and after you feel comfortable with them, you can begin constructing your portfolio around them and apply for a position as a developer.

You can also develop Web applications for yourself that will help you create a passive income. After making web apps, put content forward and apply for adsense which will leverage your income.

Automation Using Python and making money with it:

What is Automation? we need to understand this topic first to discuss anything else. So do you have any idea what automation is and why automation is done and how python makes automation easier? Automation is a phrase used to describe technology applications that require little or no human involvement. This encompasses BPA, IT automation, and personal applications such as home automation, among other things.

earn money with python automation

Automation is done to minimize the human inputs and transform those tasks in a such way that they can be done automatically. Reasons for doing automation are when work is automated, it can usually be completed much faster and the chance of a mistake is greatly reduced since the influence of human error is reduced.

So what are the tasks that you can automate and earn money with python programming? Here is the list of things you can do using python programming.

  • The process of data scraping from online pages and saving it to a hard drive
  • solving rapid math problems by automating the process
  • The process of sending the HTTP request
  • The cumbersome task like sending emails, responding to them, and sorting them in a systematic way
  • You can automate the task of filling out PDFs
  • Filling out Excel files
  • The task of figuring out exchange rates
  • Image file conversion

Okay, you learn about the different tasks that can be automated using Python but what about the tools that are needed for automation in Python? So let us talk about the tools that are available to do automation in Python.

Python Automation Tools

python automation tools and earn money with python programming

1. Selenium:

Selenium is an open-source and free automated testing framework for validating web applications across multiple browsers and platforms. Selenium Test Scripts can be written in a variety of programming languages, including Java, C#, Python, and others. Selenium testing is the term used to describe testing performed with the Selenium testing tool. This allows python developers to automate their take by utilizing browser-specific drivers.

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2. Pytest:

Pytest is a Python framework that facilitates the users to write the programs to test their main applications. It is useful for creating scalable tests in a simple and accessible approach. Pytest is able to create tests that fulfill both simple and sophisticated tests, and cases, and Python’s Pytest module allows for detailed assertion analysis, as well as the use of basic assert statements.

3. Beautiful Soup:

It is one of many libraries in python that is mostly used for web scraping so that you can extract the data out of different HTML and XML files. It makes the task extracting of data easier because instead of manually searching through an enormous amount of HTML documents for getting specific information.

There are no shortcuts to earning wealth and you need to work for it in any case. There is a saying if you use shortcuts then you will be cut short. To earn wealth, develop skills in Python, and earn money with Python automation.


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