LeoSquad Virtual Workplace: Work from Anywhere in Nepal


Work from home culture is starting to become the sole choice for a large portion of the working population, and it is expected to become a permanent solution for millions of workers and their employers as a result of the present epidemic. Keeping this in mind, an ISO/IEC 17788:2014 certified program called “LeoSquad” will be launched in the market on June 18, 2021, to efficiently apply the concept of a virtual workplace while also fostering entrepreneurship in the country.

LeoSquad Virtual Workplace: Work from Anywhere in Nepal

Everything from professional job to educational learning is now done online, therefore technology has very well taken over our life. Setting up a workplace becomes one of the most expensive necessities for an entrepreneur when starting a firm, which becomes a huge challenge.

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Because of the overhead costs and assets, many businesses are barely surviving in the market. Additionally, tracking an organization’s employees’ actions becomes difficult, causing them to pay for the bare minimum of work. Although there are many registered firms in Nepal, the majority of them do not run efficiently due to high overhead costs and a lack of government backing. Existing hurdles make running a business extremely challenging for entrepreneurs. Knowing the drawbacks of operating a firm, Analogue Inc. is developing the ‘LeoSquad‘ program, which is a virtual workspace for entrepreneurs to keep track of their official job and workers. Now people would be able to work and interact in times like these thanks to a variety of virtual office applications and websites.

“Technology is supposed to make your life easier and LeoSquad is the future that will fill the gap of workspace, and even a layman can learn to use it very quickly.”

-Ashutosh Agrawal (CEO of Analogue Inc.)

The software is designed to encourage entrepreneurship in the country by giving a forum for young minds to share their ideas and potentially find investors for their businesses. Overall, LeoSquad will provide a platform for people to construct a systematic work plan that is both cost-effective and superior to other products on the market.
However, LeoSquad software combines all of the functions required in a virtual office, and it is simple to use even if you are not a tech-savvy individual. The LeoSquad has innovative features that benefit both the employee and the business, allowing for efficient and foolproof work.


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