Jeevee: Medical Support With a Tap


As the lifestyle of people is turning busier, the time people are giving for themselves is decreasing. Keeping this in mind, Jeevee Health Pvt. Ltd. has announced the launch of its new Jeevee health app for people in Nepal. The app helps to connect people with the best doctors and clinics according to their medical requirements. Along with it, the app also digitally stores the medical records in one place, and conveniently order medicines and health care products online.

Jeevee: Medical Support With a Tap 1

What are the features?

The major target of the app is to make life more convenient for those who seek and provide medical supports. Giving all the facilities online, the app targets to make the medical scenario in Nepal more convenient and digitally feasible. Not just patients, the app helps the doctors to get updates about the health condition of their patients. Through this app, one can directly contact or book an appointment with the doctors without having to visit the hospital according to the budget of users.

The newly launched app is already available in the Google play store and you can download it from here. After a soft opening, “Jeevee” app has been effectively running since 29th August 2019. The app has already almost 1,000 plus downloads and crossed 1,000 active users. With an exceptional number of specialized doctors verified by Nepal Medical Council and Pharmacy, this app promises to be reliable. Not just doctors but you can also order all your medicines and other health products and also get a 25% discount at the same time with free delivery inside Kathmandu valley through the Jeevee health app.

Jeevee health app plans to add new features in the coming days and make the overall process more safe and convenient to fulfill all medical needs and help an individual in medical emergencies. For android users, the app is already available in the Google play store. Other users need to visit the website.


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