Almost everyone has played some smartphone/laptop games in their life, even though it’s a small or high-end game. I remember playing GTA and counter strike in Cyber cafes as a young kid. The time has changed enough already and now you can make a lot of choices in playing games. In this scenario, Sroth Code Games had brought something new in our country.

There are lots of genres available in games like casual, shooting, action, FPS, role-playing, open world, etc. But the games in all these wide ranges of genres that we see and play are foreign games. Recently, a company called ‘Sroth Code Games’ has taken a step in making our own Nepali Game with Nepali characters and Nepali environment. The game has been named ‘Chronicles of the Himalayas‘ and is under development.

About Sroth Code Games

Sroth Code Game is a Game development company that tends to produce games out of Nepalese traditions, cultures, and landscapes. Sroth Code Games has made games previously as well; you can find on their website. The company comprises of 14 employees which is more like a family of extremely talented people. They make android, ios as well as PC games.

The founder/CEO of sroth code games is Uttam Adhikari and the co-founders are Uday Gurung, Bishal Manandhar, Nischal Amatya, and Rizma Joshi. They have been featured on VMAG YouTube channel as well if you want to learn more about them.

Chronicles Of The Himalayas

Chronicles of the Himalayas (COTH) is a Nepali culture, tradition, and landscape based game targeting the global audience. As the name suggests, we can make a wild guess about this game being based on Sherpa culture and traditions in the Himalayan region.

I tried playing this game and it was so much fun to play; I absolutely loved it. COTH is the first Role Playing Game (RPG) made in Nepal. This game is completely made in Unity. Low poly models have been used to reduce the size of the game as well as to make a game more interesting. When you start playing the game, you cannot just quit until the particular level is completed. It is because it is so exciting that you get hooked to the game playing and enjoying the satisfying and peaceful music provided by Mantra.

Chronicles Of The Himalayas is an adventure and mystery game set in the Himalayan wilderness. Particularly in this game, you just have to defeat the minions/monsters that are in that territory and survive the level. I will not spoil the story here because that would be no fun to experience the story. Here is a short trailer for this game.

This game is an epic story of a 15-year-old Sherpa boy from a secret village in the Everest region who sets out to find his missing father. It allows players to immerse themselves in its hidden world, and experience an extraordinary reality where folklore and magic come together.

Meetups and Events:

“The community for this game, Chronicles of the Himalayas, must be increased. Also, there will be lots of meetups in the future” said the CEO of the company. The team had also conducted a small meetup on June 6. Even though there were just 3 of them, we still talked about some concepts and bugs about the game and it was quite fun.

Download the game

The game has not been released yet but it has its demo version which can be found on their official website. Unfortunately, for now, the game is only available in PC/Mac but shortly after they are going to release in iOS and android too.
Download Link:

Sroth Code Games on Social Media

You might want to get updates and get in touch with the team. For that, just click on the links below and follow them to get the latest news and updates of Chronicles of the Himalayas.

We hope you will like this game and give feedback to the developers so that they can make this game more interesting. If you have tried this game, Did you like it?


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