BiP Messenger: Messaging App for Nepal


BiP is a recently introduced communication application from Nepal. CG Lifecell, a part of Chaudhary Group Nepal, recently launched BiP messenger Nepal in partnership with Turkish company Turkcell.

BIP Messenger Nepal

BiP app allows you to place voice calls, video calls, messaging and file sharing. Besides this basic messaging, the app is also capable to let users get information regarding exchange rates, weather, and news. CG Lifecell recently launched BiP application with the purpose of spreading information dissemination. With this, Chaudhary Group has extended itself in the field of Information Technology.

CG released BiP app with the hope of being a stronghold in the journey of Digital Nepal. BiP has its data center in Nepal, making the data of Nepal stay in Nepal. As this app is Nepal focused, it is expected to be more useful and modified for better usage in Nepal.

BiP Features

Language Translation
Users can translate the contents of BiP app as per preferred languages in one’s phone i.e. verbal and written.

Users can play different games within the app without having to download the games. And, it is absolutely free.

Discover and Follow
You can follow several sections as per your interest like news, horoscope, traffic details, Weather and so on. It will then show you all these related information in the discover section.

Send Good Quality pictures
BiP claims that users can send and receive good quality pictures unlike Facebook Messenger and Viber users.

Multiple Video calling
BiP app gives the ability to video call up to 10 users at a time.

Location sharing
Users can use the “Follow me” feature and share the location if one gives permission for it.

BiP Data Cloud
BiP has a safe and dedicated data cloud to backup messages instantly.

Platforms Available:

BiP Messenger is available on Android , iOS along with the web version.

Besides these features, the app design is absolutely sleek and smooth. Also, the text fonts look elegant. The audio and video call quality was pretty satisfactory. According to CG, the company is launching its own telecom service. After it, the app will be able to make the GSM calls directly and the payments might get embedded onto the app as well. We can even use this app to send free SMS and MMS to those who do not have BiP installed on their phone.

CG Life cell Nepal also has plans to integrate a payment gateway in BiP in the coming future to help users making payments, shopping, etc easily using the app.


If we give BiP messenger a try, I’m sure everyone is going to be fond of this app. (At least for me, I’m tired of Facebook’s messenger.) So personally, I think this can be a good alternative for anyone who wants to try something new and is tired of using the same old apps for years ahead. Also, our own CG has customized this for Nepal, so why not?

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