Subisu Conclave 2019: ICT Discussions, Sharing and More


Subisu is going to host the second edition of Subisu Conclave Subisu Conclave 2019 on May 15 at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Nepal. Subisu is a leading ICT service and solution provider of Nepal.

subisu conclave 2019

Subisu Conclave 2019 is being organized with the major theme of handling the IT resources and present day scenario of technology in Nepal. As the market is in peak growth, the company is trying to be a part of this growth as a significant contributor.

The event will be organized in two formats:

Presentations and Sharing:

This session will include the present day technology scenario of the world and the evolving technologies. Different industry leaders and professionals will give the presentations and share the experiences of their work. ‘

Panel Discussions:

This session will be based basically on the discussions focused in the Nepali market. Different IT experts in the Nepali market will be brought together for discussions. Participants will be able to get involved in the discussions as well.

subisu conclave 2019

Subisu Conclave 2019: Agendas

  • Blockchain in Cybersecurity
  • QoS of Internet
  • Technology for Secured Society
  • IoT and AI in Nepal
  • Digital Nepal: Opportunities and Challenges
  • National Innovation Center
  • Emerging Technologies for Digital Transformation

The event will cover some of the major national agendas in IT. Ramon Magsaysay winner Mahabir Pun will be at the event discussing his dream plan of National Innovation center. He is also the Internet Hall of Fame winner and will share his experiences as well. Besides this, the event will be solely focused on the plans to assist the Digital Nepal agendas.

Subisu Conclave 2019 is a platform to share knowledge, ideas, trends of ICT including several aspects and support the government in the initiation of Digital Nepal. The organizers told, “This event aims to provide a platform where the industry leaders can meet, exchange ideas and discuss the strategies on the existing issues of ICT for digital transformation.

More details about the event can be found here.


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