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We are well aware that cracking a loksewa exam is not a piece of cake. It requires tons of effort, hard work, dedication and determination. Although the exam is not easy, its preparation can be. Now, you do not have to carry a paper and pen all the time and surround yourself with guide books. There are many apps that allow you a digital access to a pool of past questions and their answers. You can now prepare for exams from anywhere you like and at anytime. Thanks to these mobile applications solely directed towards Loksewa Aspirants. Here are our best picks of the apps for Loksewa preparation.

1. Loksewa Tayari

Loksewa Tayari is a mobile application that helps you prepare for the written exam. It provides content for General Knowledge and MCQs section. It also helps you read and note key points from Nepal’s Constitution as per the need of your syllabus. Its syllabus provides access to questions from different areas like: Nepal’s history, Nepal’s geography, World’s history and geography. The app’s UI is minimal and easy to locate. Download Loksewa Tayari App here!

2. Nepali Quiz 2078

Nepali Quiz 2078 allows you to prepare for the MCQs in a unique way. The app gets updated on a regular basis so you will not have any difficulties knowing the latest answers. All beginners and learners can benefit from the Nepali Quiz GK app, as it assists them in preparing for quiz contests, loksewa exams, and general knowledge. Download the app here!

3. Computer Operator Preparation – Nepal

If you are specifically preparing for the post Computer Operator, there is an individual app curated for you. With the Computer Operator Preparation – Nepal App, you can access a lot of MCQs and GK questions. The UI of this app is very minimal and convenient to use. Download the app here!

There are a lot of other applications catered for Loksewa aspirants. However, we didn’t find them to be as responsive. Out of all of these, Loksewa Tayari, Nepali Quiz 2078 and Computer Operator Preparation – Nepal were our best picks. If you know or have been using other apps for loksewa preparation, leave them in the comments!

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