Best Personal Finance Management Apps for Android and iOS


Finance Management is very important for everyone and in this busy everyday life, it gets tougher. With phone in almost everybody’s hand we could solve the issue. Here are few of the best personal finance management apps for Android/iOS.

A personal finance app is an app that helps you track your spending, saving, and investing. You can also track bill payments and keep you up to date on credit score changes. Moreover, can connect it to your financial institution. So you can see where the money from your bank account is being spent. A personal finance app makes it easy to keep track of your finances on the go.

Best Personal Finance Management Apps for Android and iOS

Mint (For overall Finance Management)

Intuit provides the latest security and technology measures to keep its customers’ personal and financial information safe. Also it has multi-factor authentication. Mint has won multiple Editors’ Choice awards for its simplicity and usability. Finally, it lets you set up connections to your online finance accounts, check your credit score. And get a good estimate of your net worth.

Mint, the Best Personal Finance Management Apps for Android and iOS

Personal Capital (For Wealth Management)

Personal Capital is safe to use to track your finances, manage your net worth, and plan your retirement. This useful tool helps you get a handle on how much money you have coming in and going out each month by linking to your accounts Moreover, Personal Capital will give you a heads up when bills are due. Finally, you can do so all for free, using their suite of financial tools.

Finance tracker (For Nepali users)

‘Earn, Save and Grow’ is the slogan of Financial Tracker made by Nepali Youths. This app was made mainly for Nepalese to help with their income and saving by increasing their financial literacy. Moreover, the company has stated that no fee will be charged to the user even in the future. Further creating a modality of charging fees. From service providers saying that there is a model of charging fees only to users everywhere.

Best Personal Finance Management Apps for Android and iOS 1

Prism(For Bill Payment)

Prism is known best for its simplicity This app helps you get control of your monthly budget. Also helps you to improve your credit. By organizing your bill paying activities, there’s less chance you’ll miss a payment on a credit card or other loan. To pay your bills through prism simply tap on “Pull down to pay“.

EveryDollar(For Budgeting)

EveryDollar was founded by Dave Ramsey. He is a popular finance expert. Further it uses the budgeting system known as zero-based budgeting. You set up budgeting categories. And then allocate your income to those categories. Also you use the app to track your spending daily. If you have the free app, you get the option to manually enter your transactions.

Best Personal Finance Management Apps for Android and iOS 2

Money View (Expense Manager)

Money View is made mainly for Android users. Further all your data is safe and secure as they use 256-bit data encryption for data management. It is Money built for automatically tracking your expenses, budgeting. Also getting an instant loan personal loan.

Best Personal Finance Management Apps for Android and iOS 3


These were few of the best Personal Finance Management Apps for you. Make sure to keep your hard earned income safe, secured and systematized. These apps are surely going to help you on that.


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