How to Set up a Smartphone for Your Parents and Grandparents


With constant innovation and mass adoption of technology, Mobile phones have become one of the most used devices out there. From children to adults, everyone seems to use it. With a gift of a sharp mind and technologically surrounded right from their birth, children could easily fit in the modern era of technology and smartphones but when it comes to elderly ones, Whether they are your own parents or grandparents, They find it really hard to cope with smartphones. Having lived more than half of their lives without smartphones and the modern complex software of these devices it’s hardly a surprise to find them hesitant to use smartphones.  A lot has changed as the years pass by. As more and more people are reliant on technology people are connected globally, elders too are taking interest into smartphones . Whether it be video  chatting with their loved ones or entertainment, They’ve gradually shown interest and are trying to use it but due to advanced age or inexperience with tech, they have trouble with smartphones,  in this article, we’ll take a look at How to Set up a Smartphone for  your parents or Grandparents so that they can use it safely and securely

How to Set up a Smartphone for Parents and Grandparents?

Set Up the Lock Screen for Them

At first, glance,  setting up a lock screen on a grandparent’s screen might seem like the stupidest idea but it’s actually very helpful. I know patterns or pins are tough for them bur most modern smartphones come with either fingerprint sensor, face unlocking, or both.  First using some sort of security lock prevent data theft and secondly using lock-in a smartphone completely eliminates the most common problem of unwanted touch in a smartphone. 

 Clean up the home screen

The home screen is one of the first things visible in the smartphone after it is unlocked. Elders will have a hard time with messy home screen widgets and loads of apps in a single place. It is always advisable to keep things simple and only add the most important apps, widgets, and contacts on the home screen which they use frequently. 

Increase Font Size

The more the age increases, eyesight decreases. That’s why you’ve to increase Font size  To make the font more readable, you can increase its size. On Android head over to Settings, Display, and choose the suitable  Font size, then drag the slider to adjust. On an iPhone: Go to Settings, Display & Brightness, Text Size, and drag the slider. 

Set up Phone Tracking

To find an Android phone in case it ever goes missing, it’s essential to ensure the Find My Device app is enabled. On iPhone, use the Find My app to track any missing iPhones. Using either of these methods will allow you to locate your phone in the event that it was ever to go missing.

Add Emergency Information

Knowing what blood group someone is and what medications they are on is incredibly important for medical professionals. Given the fact that you can add this information to your loved one’s phone, it just may save a life one day. Some other ways to keep your family members safe include adding yourself as their emergency contact and ensuring that their phone is fully charged just in case of an unexpected situation where they need urgent help.

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It’s vital to set up your loved ones with your smartphone, but it’s just as important to let them know how to use their new piece of technology properly on their own. Allow a few minutes to walk them step-by-step through the phone functionality and also show some “how-to” user guide videos if you have any saved on your device beforehand. You can demonstrate how users can set alerts for themselves or receive reminders for payment times etc. that they need to be mindful of or how they can take pictures or videos or send files via instant messaging services like WhatsApp if they want; whatever you feel will help them learn the basics. After this demonstration, be sure to give them a quick test quiz where you ask them questions like how do they dial out (such as 100, what is the general function of an internet browser. As you can see from the article that there are many things that should be considered when setting up smartphone for parents.

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