Worldlink vs Classic Tech 1Gbps Internet Plan: Comparing Nepal’s Fastest Internet Plan


The biggest ISP provider in Nepal has launched the 1Gbps internet service in Nepal for people that need high-speed internet. The main aim of launching 1Gbps internet is to improve the efficiency of the internet in Nepal. Classic Tech launched their 1 Gbps internet plan on 12 January.

Why 1 Gbps Internet Plan?

1Gb (aka a gigabit, Gig or 1Gbps) is equal to 1,000Mb (aka Megabits or Mbps).

  • Low latency
  • Lightning fast speeds
  • Often comes with unlimited data
  • Reliable service

The two of the biggest ISPs has come with a 1Gbps internet plan so why not compare them and see what they have to offer?

Worldlink vs Classic Tech 1 Gbps Internet Nepal

Worldlink 1 Gbps Internet Plan

Worldlink is one of the most popular ISP providers in Nepal and recently they have announced their newest 1Gbps internet plan for their customers. Here are some of the information about the 1Gbps internet plan by Worldlink communication.

Installation for Beacon 3.0 with  Mesh System

Mesh Wifi CountBeacon 3.0 Rental chargeBeacon 3.0 DepositSmart Installation
1st BeaconRs. 8000/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 3000/-
2nd BeaconRs. 8000/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 3000/-
3rd BeaconRs. 8000/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 3000/-
4th BeaconRs. 8000/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 3000/-

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ClassicTech 1 Gbps Internet Plan

Classic Tech is the first ISP provider in Nepal that introduced the 1 Gbps internet service plan in Nepal and this includes the sixth-generation Wi-Fi standard that allows you to have constant peak speed and you can also connect several devices to it without fearing a loose connection. According to Classic Tech, It is equipped with Mesh WIFI, which eliminates dead zones and ensures continuous connectivity throughout your home.

Installation for Mesh Wi-Fi

Mesh 2.0Rental priceSecurity DepositSmart Installation
One Mesh 2.0Rs. 8000/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 3000/-
Two Mesh 2.0Rs. 8000/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 3000/-
Three Mesh 2.0Rs. 8000/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 3000/-
four Mesh 2.0Rs. 8000/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 3000/-

Worldlink vs Classic Tech 1Gbps Internet Plan

With two ISP providers providing 1 Gbps internet service in Nepal from now on, it is natural for people to compare these two ISP providers. Let’s compare the offers from both ISP providers about their internet plans and their pricing.

Comparison Between Worldlink and Classic Tech 1 Gbps

FeaturesWorldlinkClassic Tech
Months12 12
PriceRs. 39,999/-Rs. 47,988/-
Installation ChargeFreeFree
Dual-band ONU RentalFreeFree
Dual-band ONU DepositRs. 500/-Rs. 500/-
Primary STB ActivationFreeFree
Primary STB DepositRs. 500/-Rs. 500/-
Secondary STB ActivationRs. 2000/-Rs. 2000/-
Secondary STB DepositRs. 500/-Rs. 500/-

Both of the ISP providers use the Mesh System and both have four types available for it with the same pricing for installation, deposit, and rent. Classic Tech uses Mesh 2.0 whereas Worldlink uses the Beacon 3.0 with its mesh system. Both are the most popular internet service provider in Nepal and are now competing for the market by providing a 1 Gbps internet plan. While both have the same price range and offers for most of their features but Worldlink has made their price relatively cheaper compare to Classic Tech. The price of the 12-month plan for Worldlink is Rs. 39,900/- whereas it costs Rs. 47,988 in Classic Tech for the same plan.

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It is great to have two ISP providers providing such high-speed internet in Nepal as it gives internet users more options to choose from and can switch to another ISP if they are not satisfied with their current ISP providers. This makes the market more competitive and pushes each ISP provider to do better in their services.

You can make your decision on which service to choose from by comparing the features and price range from both internet service providers according to your needs and usage.


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