Xiaomi 12 Pro Vs OnePlus 10 Pro: Specs & Price Comparision


Only this week, two big players of the smartphone brands in Nepal announced their flagship phones with a very aggressive price game. Xiaomi 12 Pro from Xiaomi and OnePlus 10 Pro from the OnePlus brand are those new bulls in the market that will soon fight each other. It gonna happen Xiaomi 12 Pro vs OnePlus 10 Pro soon after a few days. Just a few days after Oneplus announced the pre-order of the Oneplus 10 Pro, Xiaomi also announced a pre-order for Xiaomi 12 pro with the competitive pricing and huge strategy gameplay. we can see both smartphones fighting very well for their existence soon in the Nepali market also. Well, the contrary of these interesting scenes, today we will compare Xiaomi 12 Pro vs OnePlus 10 Pro and let you decide which to buy.

Xiaomi 12 Pro vs OnePlus 10 Pro: Specs Comparison

Overviewing the specs of Xiaomi 12 Pro and the OnePlus 10 Pro, it seems the same phone on most of the specifications unless it is a brand name and OS. Both smartphones have incorporated Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the latest mobile chipset from Qualcomm as their core chipset. The display seems to be the same as similar refresh rate and touch sampling.

In the camera section, we can spot the difference as Xiaomi 12 Pro spots triple camera set up with each of 50 MP camera whereas the OnePlus 10 pro features a 48 MP primary camera with additional 50MP Ultra-wide and 8MP OmniVision Camera. The battery section features more proficiency in the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Let’s have a look into the specs of the Xiaomi 12 Pro vs OnePlus 10 Pro:


Looking closely at the specs, we can observe not so much change in the specific point. A certain difference is sure as they are from different brands. We can spot a little difference in the Camera section and Battery section. OS are from their respective brand but both are on top of the latest Andriod 12. So the question arises in pricing. What do you think about pricing? Is it an obvious price for the OnePlus 10 pro or is it the Xiaomi who played priced game after just OnePlus announced the price of the OnePlus 10 Pro? We let you decide what can be the possibility.


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