WorldLink Latest Internet Packages, Price, and Installation Charges

  • Worldlink 600Mbps Internet Launch
  • Nirmal ‘Nims dai’ Purja as Brand Ambassador
  • Photon Lite Internet Plan and Pricing
  • Internet Installation Charge for 1 Year
  • Installation for Beacon 1.1 with Mesh System
  • NetTV Installation Charge
  • About Worldlink Communications

WorldLink Communications Ltd, Nepal’s largest internet service provider has unveiled new high-speed internet packages at an affordable price. In a product launch ceremony today, Worldlink launched 600Mbps internet for the first time in Nepal. To support this high speed, Worldlink is currently using Nokia 3.0 router. It is reported that the high-speed internet package was brought with the aim of improving the internet efficiency in the country.

In the same ceremony, Worldlink announced that all the internet services provided by the company will now be a minimum of 150Mbps. To add sweetness to the deal, Worldlink has assured its customers that the new high-speed package will be distributed at an even lesser price than previous packages. This is certainly going to uplift the internet scenario of Nepal and improve the position of the country in the global context.

WorldLink Latest Internet Packages, Price, and Installation Charges 2

Nirmal ‘Nims dai’ Purja as Brand Ambassador

Likewise, Worldlink communications have reannounced record holder mountaineer and global sensation Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja as its brand ambassador. Many attendees believe it is apt for choosing the fastest mountaineer as a brand ambassador while unveiling the fastest internet speed. However, Nimsdai Purja could not be present at the ceremony as he was busy with his expeditions to Antarctica. He expressed gratefulness and pleasure to be associated with Worldlink through a video message.

With a vision to connect everyone, everywhere, Worldlink is inching steadily towards its goal. This newly launched internet package is another milestone for Worldlink’s plan to create fully digital Nepal. It has also been focusing on customer growth and expanding over the country. For the ultimate user experience, Worldlink has also been using dual-band Nokia routers.

WorldLink Latest Internet Packages, Price, and Installation Charges 3

Photon Lite Internet Plan and Pricing

The plan and pricing for the newly launched Worldlink high-speed internet package are mentioned below:

Internet PlanPrice Per MonthPrice Per YearAvailable TV
150 MbpsRs 1200Rs 144001 TV
225 MbpsRs 1400Rs 168002 TV
300 MbpsRs 1650Rs 198003 TV
600 MbpsRs 2500Rs 300003 TV

Note: the above-mentioned prices are subjective to 13% VAT according to policy

Internet Installation Charge for 1 year

One Time ChargeDual Band (ONU)Drop WireDeposit ONUInstallation

Installation for Beacon 1.1 with  Mesh System

Mesh Wifi CountBeacon 3.0 Rental chargeBeacon 3.0 DepositSmart Installation
1st BeaconRs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000
2nd Beacon Rs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000
3rd Beacon Rs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000
4th Beacon Rs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000

NetTV Installation Charge

One Time Charge for STBPrimary STBPrimary STB DepositSecondary STBSecondary STB DepositSTB Installation
12 MonthFREERs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500FREE

About Worldlink Communications

Worldlink was founded in 1995 as a simple e-mail service provider. Worldlink received a license from the Ministry of Information and Communications to operate as an ISP and initiated dial-up internet service in 1997 two years later. Over the years, it has traversed a difficult path to become the largest and most trusted internet service provider in the country. The company has been at the forefront to adopt the latest fidelity standards each time. It has continuously experimented with technology like VSAT, Wireless technology, Cable Internet, and then gradually to FTTH to provide world-class and seamless internet in Nepal.

Recently, the third-largest telecom company in Nepal has achieved a milestone of half a million internet subscribers on 1st July 2021. The same year it is celebrating its silver jubilee. In these 25 years, WorldLink is not only limited itself to retail internet service. It facilitates Enterprise Solutions, is the largest IPTV provider, and approximately carries 43% of the total internet bandwidth consumed in Nepal.

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