Worldlink Introduces 200 Mbps Internet Plan for Just Rs. 1,100 Per Month!


WorldLink Communications Limited, Nepal’s largest internet service provider, has unveiled a three-month internet package of 200 Mbps at Rs 3,300 and, it will come into effect this Wednesday. Wroldink has brought this offer keeping the customers who do not use NETTV in their mind. Since it does not include NET, this internet package will be a lot more affordable for people that are not interested in NETTV subscriptions.

Compared to any other internet packages in the Nepali market, this is the most cost-effective alternative available according to the Worldink. Customers who purchase this plan will receive free internet access, cable, and a dual-band router. You need to pay one thousand in advance for the routers as a deposit.

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You as a customer would not need to pay any extra deposit and chargers except the router deposit and monthly internet charges. Taking the care of its customers Worldink will allow its customers to get the facility of ‘WiFi Mobility’ which can run unlimited data on more than 14,000 WiFi hotspots of the company through five devices. In addition to this, Worldlink will extend its internet service for 2 more days if there is an internet difficulty in the form of an ‘immediate service guarantee, or if the problem is not resolved within two hours. You can contact Worldlink customer support for information.

Worldlink 200 Mbps:

Worldlink 200Mbps at Rs1100
PriceRs. 3,300/-
Installation ChargeFree
Dual-band ONU RentalFree
Dual-band ONU DepositRs. 1000/-
Primary STB ActivationFree
Primary STB DepositN/A
Secondary STB ActivationN/A
Secondary STB DepositN/A
Drop Wire ChargeFree

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Customers who want NetTV may sign up for the company’s three-month plan of 200 Mbps for Rs 4,050. If you do not want NETTV then you can change your current plan to the new Internet package of Rs. 1,100 per month. Worlldink Communications is at the forefront in the aspect of providing high-speed internet at affordable prices to its customers while maintaining quality services. Worldlink provides various other internet packages and you can click here to know more about them.


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