Vianet Introduces ULTRA-Fi 200 Mbps Plan at रू 999 Per Month


Vianet has announced one of the most affordable Vianet Ultra-Fi 200 Mbps internet plans for its customers to enjoy. It is one of the most affordable internet plans that are currently available in Nepal. Vianet has introduced a 200 Mbps internet plan for less than Rs.1000 in Nepal meaning you can enjoy your internet at Rs 999 per month without compromising the service. This article will walk you through Vianet Ultra-Fi 200 Mbps.

Vianet is one of the most popular broadband service providers in Nepal and has always been at the forefront in the aspect of providing its customers with some amazing offers and internet plans. The Vianet ultra-Fi 200 Mbps plan from Vianet will cost you Rs. 999 per month without ViaTV whereas if you want the same plan but with ViaTV features then it will cost you Rs. 1100 per month.

Vianet Ultra-Fi 200 Mbps:

vianet ultra-fi 200 mbps internet plan
Features200 Mbps without ViaTV200 Mbps with ViaTV
PriceRs. 3,300/-Rs. 4,050/-
Installation ChargeFreeFree
Ultra-FI Dual-band WiFi Device installationRs. 1000/-Rs. 1000/-
Primary STB ActivationRs. 2,500/-Rs 2,500/-
Primary STB DepositRs. 500/-Rs. 500/-
Secondary STB ActivationRs. 2000/-Rs. 2000/-
Secondary STB DepositRs. 500/-Rs. 500/-
Fiber Wire Device DepositRs. 500/-Rs. 500/-

Vianet Ultra-Fi 200 Mbps without ViaTV is not applicable for a month as it is a three-month service where you need to pay Rs. 999 per month and you need to pay 13% VAT to it. So it will cost you Rs 3,300 per month and this includes service assurance as well. Vianet Ultra-FI 200 with ViaTV is available for Rs 1100 per month and will have a TV that will have all the channels as well as Youtube and movies on demand.

You do not need to pay for the installation charge if you choose to take 3 monthly internet plans whereas if you actively choose a 1-month plan then you need to pay Rs.1000 as an installation fee. Other one-time installation charge includes Rs. 2,500 for STB primary activation. Rs 500 as STB deposit. You will also need to pay Rs. 2,000 for activating secondary STB and Rs. 500 as a deposit amount. Rs. 1000 as Ultra-Fi Dual Band WiFi device installation charge and Rs. 500 for the Fiber WiFi device deposit needs to be paid by you as your one-time installation charge. You can click here to know more about other internet plans by Vianet.

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This is all the information regarding the Vianet Ultra-Fi 200 Mbps internet plan. This is huge for customers to get such a high-speed internet at such a low price. This internet plan is available for both the new customers of Vianet as well as the previous customers.


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