UG Bazaar Now Available in App: Gifts, Cakes, Fashion and More


Urban Girl has taken its next big step with the launch of its own app, UG BAZAAR. UG BAZAAR, which was launched earlier this year was operating through the website only but now they have launched their app as well. UG BAZAAR is an online social e-commerce platform where you can shop for everything you need from their well-known services such as gifts and cakes to electronics and automobiles. The company has launched a cool feature-packed app with a smooth user interface. Although still at an initial stage, the app already looks really impressive. Urban Girl has also said in the release that they will be regularly updating the app and adding features to it as well.

About Urban Girl (UG)

Most of you may know Urban Girl(UG) as UG Cakes. But it is a lot more than that. Although it’s most popular services are cakes and it is just one of the many services provided by UG. UG Bazaar is Nepal’s first social e-commerce app founded by Mr. Kiran Timsina and Ms. Nikita Acharya who was also enlisted in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List.

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UG Bazaar App

UG Bazaar App

UG BAZAAR App provides a variety of services such as gifts, women’s products, men’s products, kid’s products, electronics, beauty and care, food, and more. They have recently even added automobiles too. So, you can get almost everything you’re looking for in UG Bazaar. They’re one of the most complete online shopping platforms out there.

You can sell your products too!

Users can also choose to sell your products on UG Bazaar. What makes it even more interesting is that they have the option for auction and offers. You might have seen how an auction works through some movies or games. Well, it’s pretty similar to that. The seller puts up an item for auction at a minimum bidding price as per the choice of the seller. Then, every time an interested buyer bids for the item the price goes on higher. Once there are no further bids made by anyone, The highest bidder on the item takes it away.

You can download the app from here!

Another interesting feature in UG Bazaar is Offer, buyers can make offers on listed items by the sellers. With this feature, they will let the seller know the amount they’re willing to pay to purchase the item. There can be up to 3 offers made by a single user. Also, while making an offer users can send messages to the seller. In this feature as well, the seller puts up the minimum price of the item for the buyers to see so that their offers aren’t less than that. The seller then decides to sell to the best suitable offer received from among the users.

These interesting and interactive features make UG Bazaar stand out from your normal e-commerce platform. Furthermore, they have creative blogs, quizzes where you can test yourselves and also win attractive prizes and contests(coming soon) which makes it quite an experience for users.


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