F1Soft Wins South East Asia Business Award 2020


F1Soft International, a Nepal based software company, has just been awarded South East Asia Business Award. It is for the first time that a Nepalese company has won the coveted award. This is a huge accomplishment for a Nepali company because it defines how strong will power and dedication pays off during the course of time.

South-East Asia Business Award. is given an impact-driven award which is given each year by APAC Insider. It is a leading business magazine in the UK, that awards the company based on the impact created by businesses in South Asia.


Now, coming to F1Soft, it is Nepal’s largest and leading Digital Financial Services company. It has developed popular mobile payment and mobile banking solutions, namely eSewa and Fonepay.

These services are very popular and are used by over 10M people in Nepal. The company employs 700 people and is a very renown software company in Nepal.

F1 Soft received the awards from the coordinator of APAC Insider, Katherine Benton. She further on also offered her congratulations to F1Soft on behalf of APAC Insider.

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Biswas Dhakal, President of F1Soft Group of Companies shared,

“We are proud to be recognized internationally among South Asia’s prestigious companies for our efforts. The world needs more innovative companies especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Some insights on F1soft and APAC Insiders

F1soft is a very famous software company which operates on a mission of connecting people. It visions to do that through digital financial services across Nepal in simple, affordable and secure ways. Moreover, it envisions to become a household brand used by every Nepali to meet their daily digital consumption needs.

APAC Insider is a platform that reflects on the innovative, dedicated, and results-focused culture and honors them. They mostly focus on the Asia Pacific region and recognize the businesses that have become home to some of the most prominent industry-leading businesses in the world.

So, we can conclude by saying that this is a huge achievement of F1soft as they have proven to be an innovative, dedicated and result-focused company not just in national but also in the international field.


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