Tight Race Between Nepal’s Leading ISPs On 3 Digit Internet Speed


Today we cannot even imagine our day-to-day lives without the internet. One thing that we hate the most these days is the slow internet. This fact is agreed upon by everyone. So, internet service providers are offering higher and higher speeds for their customers. Because really, nobody wants a slow internet. In recent days, many people can be heard complaining about bad speed and service from theirs ISPs. If you are not satisfied with your current ISP and looking for something new with great speed, you have to look no further. Now, you can choose among various ISPs with a top speed. This has become possible with the back-to-back launch of attractive 3 digit internet speed offer from various ISPs.

Recently CG communications launched their own internet service as CG Net to provide a high-speed fiber network and exceptional customer experience at the lowest price possible. They introduced an offer of 120Mbps at just Rs 999 per month. This offer created huge enthusiasm for Nepali internet users. Many hailed the company for such a gorgeous offer whereas some were skeptical about the offer. After this, many internet service providers like DishHome Fibernet, Subisu, and so on started to bring 3 digit internet package offers.

The rivaled competition between these internet service providers is sure to benefit the customers. Now, customers can get high-speed reliable internet at an affordable cost. If an ISP does not provide a reliable service, it risks losing a customer to several other ISPs available. Not only does this create pressure on ISPs to bring exciting offers but also to provide excellent after-sales service.

Price Comparision of 100Mbps+ Internet

ISPPlan1 month3 month6 month12 month
CG Net120 MbpsRs. 999Rs. 2997Rs. 5994Rs. 11988
DishHome FiberNet100 MbpsRs. 2200Rs. 6000Rs. 11400Rs 22000
Subisu150 MbpsRs. 2360Rs. 17079Rs. 28318
Note: The above prices are exclusive of VAT and installation charges

As part of their introductory offer, CG Net is only providing a 120 Mbps internet plan at the moment. The subscription can be done for a period of either 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. However, their service can be subscribed for home and office use. Likewise, Subisu is offering 150 Mbps FTTH internet for 6 and 12 months periods. It includes 4 TVs subscription of Clear TV along with the internet. The offer also consists of a 5GHz Onu router device and 1STB along with free installation. The booking for this plan can be made now from Subisu’s website.

Advantages of Having 3 Digit Internet Speed

  • Faster upload speed which shrinks the upload time from minutes to seconds.
  • Increased Reliability.
  • Multiple users are supported even with a strong signal.
  • Improved Security.
  • Productive for the result out of the internet, being faster makes you more efficient.
  • Saves time for streaming or browsing. If you have video content or some rich text, then you will save time for the digital media to reach you.

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