After a few months of introducing the VoLTE service by Nepal Telecom, Ncell Axiata is now getting ready to launch VoLTE service in Nepal. This service would allow the subscribers to experience HD Quality voice calls within its network. As for now, the company is installing infrastructures and will kickstart the service starting from Kathmandu.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is an advanced technology that delivers high-quality sound over a voice call. Over VoLTE, one can experience ultra-clear voice quality with reduced background noise. It stands for Voice over LTE. The main advantage of using this over a traditional wireless voice network is that it allows us to browse the internet and use data-driven apps at 4G speeds while on a call. Anyone who is using VoLTE can:

  • Enjoy simultaneous use of HD voice and LTE data
  • Get a faster call setup within seconds
  • Experience high-definition sound quality when calling another VoLTE-enabled device

Ncell VoLTE

Ncell Axiata has been providing reliable 4G services in Nepal for a long time. But one major feature was missing which was VoLTE. Finally, Ncell has stepped up and launched VoLTE in the country which users can enjoy. Earlier, the state-owned Nepal Telecom had brought VoLTE service in operation since May.

According to the company sources, Ncell has been making necessary preparations for VoLTE for a while. It has been communicated to us that the infrastructure installation within the capital is almost completed and Ncell is all set to launch VoLTE. So, we can expect the launch of VoLTE from the company officially within a few days. Moreover, after the capital city, Ncell is looking forward to launching the service in major cities like Pokhara, Biratnagar, and Butwal at an early stage.

According to sources, the company will provide VoLTE service to its users through the 900 MHz frequency band. Currently, Nepal Telecom is providing VoLTE service in 1800 and 800 MHz bands. In the present context of Nepal, only Internet data runs on Forge service, while 3G for voice calls and 2G fallback. But now in VoLTE, even voice calls will be via 4G. This will significantly improve the quality of voice calls and experience for the users.

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