Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Old Android Phone


Hello People! If you keep changing your smartphone, there is a high chance that you had sold your old device to buy a new one. Selling your old android phone seems to be a simple and straightforward process, it’s true if you follow some simple steps. But in case if you don’t know the steps, we have covered them for you. You may argue that we can format our device in just one click. “So I will format my device before selling it”. But did you know that your data can be recovered as easily as you formated your device? Let’s see the things that should be kept in mind before selling your old android phone.

Things To Do Before You Sell Your Smartphone

  • Backup your data: Keep your backup safe, so that you can use it on your new device.
  • Log out from all accounts from your device.
  • If you use Nexus and Pixel devices, unenroll from the Android Beta program if you have enrolled. As the new owner may not be interested in the program.
  • Encrypt the device before performing the factory reset. It helps in securing your data more deeply from being stolen. Simply resetting your device would delete all your data, but for extra security, you should encrypt your device and reset it. Click Here to learn encrypting your device.
  • Remove SIM/microSD cards from your device before selling your old device. It’s obvious that you would not give up either of these things when selling your device.
  • Most of us may not follow this last step, but please try to add all the accessories/extras that were originally shipped with the device to you.

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