Broadband Internet Access in Nepal Reaches to 84% of the Population


Today we cannot imagine our life without the internet. The Internet has become an integral part of our lives for better or worse. Due to the advancement in technology, the use of the internet is skyrocketing along with its uses. Speaking in the context of Nepal, more and more people are signing up for internet service every day. Despite the age being old or young, we can find many people using the internet on daily basis. According to the recently published NTA MIS Report, Broadband Internet Access in Nepal now has surpassed over 2 crores and 54 lakhs users.

Internet Access Data Overview:

May be an image of text that says '1.2 Broadband Service Services Fixed Broadband (Wired) ADSL # Cable/ FTTH # Internet Lease Line Subscribers UTL* NCELL NDCL 837,091 443,475 1,199 STPL ISPs Fixed Radio(Wi-Fi) # Broadband (Wireless) Total Wi MAX # 5,305,638 Mobile Broadband 837,091 5,768,185 1199 3G 4G EVDO Total 140,954 90,544 8,860,322 2,544,724 136,573 12,913,928 140,954 2,491,652 4,325,936 222,145 6,817,588 222,145 Services Fixed Broadband (Wired)# Fixed Broadband (Wireless) # Mobile Broadband Total Broadband (%) Data/Internet Service through GPRS Service is excluded 90,544 11,351,974 7,092,805 136,573 5,465,664 25,419,325 Subscription (%) 21.85 Broadband Subscription. 0.77 61.47 84.09'

According to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)’s data of the past seven months of the current fiscal year, over 25,419,325 population have the access to the internet facility. Among these users, 5,465,664 people have subscribed to different Internet Service Providers like Vianet, Worldlink, etc. Similarly, 12,913,928 users belong to Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited whereas 6,817,588 users belong to Ncell. Smart Telecom Private Limited also accumulates a total of 222,145 broadband service users.

Note: The report was prepared being based on the Population Projection (2011-2020). As per the projection, Nepal’s current population is 29,876,531.

Broadband Internet Access in Nepal Reaches to 84% of the Population 2
Bar-chart showing the total number of Broadband subscribers

According to NTA, the largest group of internet users were from the Mobile Broadband service. Till the month of mid-January to February, the contribution of mobile internet was 73 percent. Apart from it, the total number includes the Wired (26%) and Wireless (1%) Fixed Broadband service users. It was revealed in the report that the number of people using the Internet in Nepal is rapidly increasing. During the month of mid-January to mid-February, 600,083 new internet users were added.

Broadband Internet Access in Nepal Reaches to 84% of the Population 3
Pie-chart showing the Market Share of Broadband Service

Furthermore, we can see that 11.3 million population have access to 3G and 7.1 million population have access to 4G. From this data, it is clear that the majority of people have not adapted to 4G technology yet in Nepal. However, NTA has excluded Internet Service through GPRS Service as Broadband Subscription in the given data.

Broadband Internet Access in Nepal Reaches to 84% of the Population 4
Growth Trend for Internet Data Services

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