Vianet is offering Bhanyankar Happiness with their Bhayankar offer


Vianet is offering Bhanyankar happiness with their Bhayankar offer, they are endowing a full year of 20 Mbps internet +via TV for just Rs 800 per month and Rs 9600 for the yearly subscription. 

Vianet Communications Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading providers of high-speed internet connectivity and communications solutions for individuals and businesses in Kathmandu valley. They are solely focused on FTTH services. To bring the best product and service package that the customer requires and desires they have initiated this offer.  

What’s Included in Vianet Bhayankar offer?

The Bhayankar offer introduced by Vianet has a via TV combo plan which contains 175+ channels, to accommodate their customer base with options of various channels. The installation charge for 12 months is Rs 1200 excluding the fiber Wifi device deposit which is Rs 500. The via TV  installation charges for a primary set-top box activation is Rs 1 and the set-top box deposit is Rs 500.

Vianet in the past has introduced many services,  offers, and value packs for their customers. Offers and services designed specially for customers’ needs go on to show how Vianet intends to cater to its loyal customers. 

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Customers will have to make an annual payment for their internet charges to fully utilize this Bhayankar offer. This offer will be significant to both the existing and new customers. This offer seems quite reliable while providing outstanding support and showing transparency in pricing while also offering bandwidth to meet the needs of customers. Offers like this are a way that’ll draw customers and this Bhayankar offer will surely entice customers and increased traffic will typically lead to an increase in sales for Vianet.


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