Nepal Police Enables Printing of Police Clearance Report: How to Apply?


On the 16th of Falgun 2077, Nepal Police has allowed the beneficiaries to print Police Clearance Report on their own, after applying for it online. The applicant can apply for the Police Clearance Report online from the Online Police Clearance Registration System and proceed for a color-print of the report on A4 size paper. Then, that report could be submitted directly to the Department of Consular Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification.


How to apply for Online Police Clearance Report?

  • Go to the website of Nepal Police at Nepal Police-
  • On the ‘Need Public Services’ option, click on the “ Apply Online” option under Police Clearance Report” on the right corner of the homepage
    Or, directly go through to login
  • Click on “Register” if you’re the user for the first time
  • Enter your details and captcha
  • Click on “Register” and you’ll get a mail for the temporary password
  • Log in to the website through the provided mail there and change your password
  • Now, fill up the required information to apply and submit required documents wherever mentioned
  • Check all your details once, enter the captcha and click on the “Submit” button
  • Go to Online Police Clearance Registration System – Nepal Police to check for the status of the application

Required Documents for Online Police Clearance Registration

A. For Nepalese living inside the domestic territory

  • Photocopy of Citizenship card – 1 copy
  • Photocopy of Passport 1 copy
  • Photocopy of Marriage Registration Certificate- 1 copy for Married people
  • Passport size colour-photo – 1 copy

B. For Nepalese living abroad

  • Photocopy of pages 2,3 and 31 of the Passport- 1 Copy
  • Photocopy of the page including the latest Nepal Immigration Departure Stamp
  • Photocopy of Citizenship Card – 1 copy
  • Passport size color-photo – 1 copy
  • Photocopy of Marriage Registration Certificate- 1 copy for Married people

C. For Refugees

  • A Scan Copy of Unexpired Refugee Travel Document
  • A Scan copy of the Travel Document with the Arrival/ Departure stamp of Nepal
  • Immigration Office while entering/leaving Nepal
  • A Scan Copy of Refugee Card
  • A Letter from the related Refugee CampPassport size color photograph – 1 copy

D. For Foreigners

  • A Scan copy of the Unexpired Passport
  • A Scan copy of the Arrival and Departure (if Person is not in Nepal) stamp of Nepal Immigration Office on Passport while entering and leaving Nepal.
  • A recommendation letter from the Applicant’s Organization.
  • Passport size color photograph – 1 copy

Whether you are going abroad for studies or traveling around the countries, or as a working immigrant, a police clearance report is a must. Police clearance is required to prove that you have no criminal record covering the period of stay in a country. It validates your character as an individual, whether you are a law-abiding citizen or not. It shows how ethical and responsible you are as a citizen, immigrant, visitor, worker, or student.

This facility by Nepal Police is admirable since it could save time for many people who require the police clearance report to travel abroad. As we can see, not only the private/ corporate sectors but also governmental units and departments are joining their hands in the acknowledgment of the vision regarding the Digital Economy.


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