Hamro Nepali Keyboard Crosses 10 Million Downloads: The Second App from Hamro Patro to Reach This Milestone


In March 2021, Hamro Patro became the first Nepali app to cross 10 million downloads on Google Playstore. In addition to this achievement, Hamro Nepali Keyboard too has reached this milestone.

Hamro Nepali Keyboard has also reached 10 Million + downloads on Google Playstore recently. HamroPatro is the first Nepali app to cross 10 million downloads. Similarly, Hamro Nepali Keyboard has become the second app by HamroPatro to cross this milestone.

Sharing his joy on Facebook through a post, Mr. Shankar Uprety, Founder and CEO of HamroPatro says,”

“Today, I am excited to share yet another milestone for. Hamro Patro. Hamro Keyboard became our second app to cross 1 Crore downloads. In 2014, I saw a Twitter thread discussion on how there was no easy way to type in Nepali on an android phone- the only option was to use the Hindi keyboard. After some exchange with these users, I started to build the first-ever Nepali keyboard app. After three sleepless nights – the beta was ready. I send the beta app to Twitter users and got lots of feedback. After the bug fixes, the app was released on the play store.”

He is currently residing in Boston, USA. He virtually operates his work and manages the team of HamroPatro here in Nepal.

Hamro Nepali Keyboard Becomes the Second App by Hamro Patro to Cross 10 Million Downloads

Hamro Nepali Keyboard is one of the popular apps by Hamro Patro. It allows us Nepalis to type in our own Nepali language on our phones. Previously, it was really difficult to type in the Nepali language on our phones. Now with Hamro Nepali Keyboard, you can choose the keyboard and type easily in Nepali. A lot of people use Hamro Nepali Keyboard to type in Nepali. Whether you are making a note on your phone or commenting on social media, or even writing a document, Hamro Nepali Keyboard assists you in typing Nepali.

Moreover, it offers you to change the setting where you can directly type in Nepali or roman. You can type English letters for Nepali words and it will convert the output into Devnagari writings. Isn’t it wonderful? And with this utility, Hamro Nepali Keyboard has delighted more than 10 million users who have downloaded this app.

If you need to type in the Nepali language on your phone, you can download this mobile app through Google Play Store.

About HamroPatro; The Parent Company of Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Patro started in 2010, launching the first Nepali Patro. It converted the paper calendar into a digital form such that one could carry the calendar in their pockets, inside their own phone. Moreover, this app became popular since it provided a load-shedding schedule at that time. This ended the hassle of printing the load shedding schedule many times.

Mostly, the migrants living abroad love it since they can check the Nepali calendar digitally through Hamro Patro. They do not need to buy a paper calendar annually which is rare abroad.

In these 11 years, Hamro Patro has got more than 10 million downloads. This is a huge achievement for a Nepali app. Apart from that, Hamro Patro has grown by adding more apps to its portfolio. The most popular mobile apps by Hamro Patro are Hamro Patro, Hamro Nepali Dictionary, and Hamro Ludo. Additionally, it has recently launched Hamro Patro Health and Hamro Patro Remit features too. Hamro Patro Remit brought in Rs 1 crore of remittance in Nepal within just 2 months of operations.

Such milestones have made Hamro Patro the most preferred app by Nepali users. Hence, Hamro Patro has been the most downloaded app by Nepali users. In addition to that, Hamro Nepali Keyboard too has got on this list by becoming the second most downloaded Nepali app. With this, Hamro Patro has become the company having two Nepali mobile apps with the highest downloads in Google Playstore.

We had prepared an article about Hamro Patro when it crossed 10 million+ downloads. You can read the full article here to know more about this company and its success journey.

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The daily users of Hamro Nepali Keyboard know well how this app has helped them. Now we can easily type the Nepali language through our phone on any platform just because of this app. Even I personally use this app when I need to post something on my social media in the Nepali language. I hope you are satisfied with this app. What would you suggest Hamro Patro team regarding the performance of the Hamro Nepali Keyboard or any other apps under Hamro Patro? Your suggestions are valuable for them. Feel free to share with them.


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