Hamro Patro: 10 Million+ Downloads on Google Play Store!


The most successful Nepali app, Hamro Patro has crossed over 10 Million downloads on Google Play Store. Creating a new record amongst the apps made in Nepal, Hamro Patro becomes the first Nepali app to cross 10 Million Downloads. The app was able to achieve 100 thousand downloads within 1 year of release on the Google Play Store and also crossed the milestone of 1 Million downloads before 2015 A.D. Hamro Patro also holds the record of the first Nepali app reaching the milestone of 1 Million and 5 Million downloads on Google Play Store.

If you are a Nepali, there is a high chance that you have Hamro Patro installed on your mobile device. Initially started as a Nepali Calendar App, Hamro Patro has extended its business by including services like Hamro Message, Hamro Pharma, Hamro Online Jyotish, Hamro Market, and many more.

About Hamro Patro

The Founder and CEO Mr. Shankar Raj Uprety developed Hamro Patro in 2008 A.D. To satisfy his personal interest and needs, Mr. Uprety started developing Hamro Patro as a small side project. But now, Hamro Patro has become a part of many Nepali peoples both inside Nepal and abroad. Initially, Hamro Patro was only available for iOS devices and was published on iOS App Store in 2009 A.D. But was made available for android devices in 2012 A.D. Mr. Uprety developed the first version of Hamro Patro within 2 months of starting the project.

According to Hamro Patro, 93% of its users use Android devices whereas the remaining 7% of users use iOS. Hamro Patro has been downloaded more than 10 Million times through Google Play Store and more than 500 thousand from iOS App Store.

Here is a video regarding the story of Hamro Patro:

Hamro Patro: 10 Million+ Downloads on Google Play Store! 2
TechSathi congratulates Hamro Patro team for reaching 10 Million downloads Milestone on Google Play Store.

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