Hamro Patro Remit Brings Rs 1 Crore Remittance within 2 Months of Operation


Hamro Patro app, one of Nepal’s most popular and downloaded apps, has brought in Rs 1 crore in remittance in the last month. Hamro Patro Remit has just been in existence for two months.

The company just introduced Hamro Patro Remit 2 months back and it is interesting that it brought Rs 1 crore remittance within this short span of time. It is noteworthy that Hamro Patro Remit is the non-financial system to hit this milestone in remittance.

Regarding this achievement, Hamro Patro’s CEO Shanker Uprety shared,”

“Our users have given us more encouragement to keep going with our efforts. I’d like to express my gratitude to our users for their faith in us. Our goal has been to make it as easy as possible for Nepalis to send money home at the lowest feasible cost. Users from Australia and Japan will be able to use our remittance service in the near future. These capabilities are being developed. We’ll also be adding an ‘Instant Transfer’ service soon, allowing customers to deposit cash into bank accounts or mobile wallets rapidly.”

HamroPatro is offering free remittance service for the first three transactions

Hamro Patro has offered users interesting discounts in addition to establishing and growing its remittance business. For the first three transactions, new customers can send remittances to Nepal for free.

About Hamro Patro; How is it shaping our lifestyle pattern?

The Hamro Patro app is making new records time and again. It has been one of the most used apps in Nepal. It has in-app built programs and The app now has one million daily active users and seven million monthly active users.

The app has surpassed the ten million download threshold in the app store. The Nepali calendar and date conversion capability were added to the app in 2010 on the iOS store and in 2012 on the Play Store.

From checking dates and holidays to the horoscope, Hamropatro is replacing our calenders and shaping the new lifestyle. All mobile users can use this app easily. Similarly, it is available on the website too.

How to send remittance from Hamro Patro Remit?

  • Open HamroPatro App
  • Go to “Transfer Money” section and enter the amount
  • Now, add sender and receiver details
  • After that, add you card and banking details
  • Then, review your transaction detailsto confirm
  • Once you have completed, click on the “Finish” button. You can track your transfer by loggin in the Hamro Patro system.

Users willing to use Hamro Patro Remit and other services can download it for both Android and iOS devices.

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