Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Nepal: Fiscal Year 2077/78


Digital technologies have acted as a savior at this time of crisis for many people, families, and organizations. To cope with current obstacles and shape oneself better, digital shifts in every sector must be brought in Nepal. Nepal itself is going through this transition. The culture of innovation and digital transformation is going to accelerate the development process. COVID-19 has acted as a drive to get people digitally united. In the budget briefing of Nepal for the year 2077/2078, many steps are being taken to make Nepal digitally innovative. Some of the enhancement and transformations to make Nepal digitally stable are discussed below:

Digital Nepal

Digital transformation

Nepal is transforming itself in the digital sector; this transformation is all about using more and more technology. Nepal is going to be digitally revolutionized in many sectors: Telemedicine services are being programmed in rural parts of Nepal for people who can’t access decent healthcare utilities, where there is the inadequacy of appropriate healthcare facilities. Telemedicine technology is convenient to facilitate people in those parts, The Capital Market of Nepal will completely be operating in a digital approach. People being able to pay their taxes through different digital platforms have been organized, NEPSE: the stock exchange is going to be digitized.  The Digital Nepal framework is going to be enforced. This initiation, if resolved profitably, will lead us towards a digital journey that will be full of possibilities.

Mobile and Internet banking in remote areas

Enlargement in the Internet banking and Mobile banking sector to arrange digital banking experience to people all around the country is being programmed. The importance of the Internet has been realized at this time of catastrophe, the role it plays in our life at this time is quite significant. Remote areas are not getting good Internet and mobile services, it is problematic for people from those regions to cope with the current bearings. Digitization has the ability to reinvent interactivity, it will make lives easier and more interactive. Providing people with Mobile and Internet banking services in remote areas is described as the foremost prioritized thing for the government in the budget briefing for this and other upcoming years in Nepal.

Arrival of cashless economy

Physical money might not be a choice for people in the coming future as they might find contactless means of payment more safe and convenient. Money has become cumbersome thus people are moving in a direction that leads them to a cashless future. Digital payment will be replacing the physical cash and getting rid of hard cash won’t be an amusing thing to people anymore.


Since lockdowns have been implemented, living life in a virtual world is what most people have been doing. Electronic payment systems are being trusted by most people, the convenience it provides people is what makes it tempting in the first place. Electronic payment systems are going to be favored by most people in the post-pandemic world. Electronic payment has solidified itself and has made it a strong candidate for being a part of digital evolution. This kind of payment system has become a digital solution for convenience and it is surely here to stay in the long run.

National Payment Gateway

The national payment gateway will be remodeling the way the payment process materializes in Nepal. This ambitious vision will be established into action, with services like immediate payment, electronic funds transfer, etc. To adapt oneself to a competitive, innovative society transforming into a digital lifestyle will be productive and a profitable strategy. Nepal’s national payment structure was already undergoing some development but the time for it to actually work and to show its advancement has finally come. The plans regarding this structure were mentioned in the Nepal budget update for the year 2077/2078 and it being able to stabilize itself as a successful endeavor is what every citizen is hoping right now.

Virtual education

As lockdowns have been implemented, a virtual learning environment has been set up for students. The remote learning experience is not only convenient but it is also quite adjustable. Teachers and students being able to collaborate together in innovative and interactive ways are taking the learning experience to a different level. To be able to get an education in an easy way is what every student desires. Thus the announcement for regulating learning platforms for students was made in the budget briefing of Nepal for 2077/2078. This digital platform is going to be provided to students through mediums like the internet, television, and radio.

If these policies are able to expand themselves, the life for people, organizations, communities in Nepal will be quite beneficial. Do you think these policies have the chance to establish and implement themselves?


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