Tahalka, Bhayankar, Dhamakedar from WorldLink, Vianet and ClassicTech: Who Wins?


There is a tough race among Internet service providers in the market of Nepal. Every company has been trying their best to appeal customers on their side by various offers and schemes. Today we have three internet service providers WorldLink, Vianet and Classic tech introducing Tahalka, Bhayankar and Dhamakedar offers respectively with exciting plans for their clients. Let’s take a glance at the pricing, features and suitability of these offers. 

Tahalka Offer: WorldLink

Worldlink Announces Tahalka Offer

This offer was brought up by WorldLink with a package of 10 Mbps Internet and NetTV at just Rs 799 per month. NetTV will be of standard plan with access to more than 200 channels. Unlike WorldLink’s other plans, Tahalka offer is only available on yearly basis. Meaning, there is no choice for 1 month, 3 month or 6-month subscription. The customer will have to pay an amount of Rs 9588 which is excluding tax additionally they will have to pay tax along with the pre-installation charge for both NetTV and internet access.

This table below makes it simple for you to understand your payment plan for the year.

WorldLink Tahalka Offer Package (Internet + NetTV)Price
Annual Subscription ChargeRs. 9,588
Router Rental ChargeRs. 500
Installation ChargeFREE
Drop Wire ChargeRs. 500
Refundable DepositRs. 500
NetTV Activation ChargeRs. 500
Refundable Deposit (NetTV)Rs. 500
TotalRs. 12,088

Despite of it being provided for a very cheap price there are some downsides of this offer Including, Extra tax charges, the internet being restricted to just 3 devices, also the NetTV would be compatible with just 1 TV. 

Vianet Bhayankar Offer

Tahalka, Bhayankar, Dhamakedar from WorldLink, Vianet and ClassicTech: Who Wins? 1

Moving on we have another exclusive plan launched by Vianet. Their “Bhayankar” offer is available for both new customers as well as existing customers. Under this amazing scheme customers will be able to use viaTV and 20 Mbps high speed internet at just Rs 800 per month. This combo offer will give access to 175+ channels. Vianet is providing unlimited internet with double the speed compared to WorldLink’s offer. This offer is only available for annual subscription. So, the new Bhayankar Offer rate will be Rs. 9600 + VAT, Rs. 1500+VAT Installation charge, Rs. 1+VAT Primary STB activation Charge, Rs. 500 Fiber WiFi Device Deposit and Rs. 500 Primary STB deposit as illustrated in the tables below:

Speed20 Mbps
Time12 Months
viaTV 1
Ultraboost Purchasable
Service Assurance
FUPData Used per Month and Speed
up to 300GB: No FUP
300GB – 400GB: 12 Mbps
400 GB -500GB: 6 Mbps
Above 500GB: 3 Mbps
Vianet Bhayankar Offer Price Rs. 9,600 for 12 months (Rs. 800/month)

Installation Charges 

Time period12 Months
Installation Charge Rs. 1,500
Fiber WiFi Device Deposit Rs. 500

viaTV Installation Charges 

Time period12 Months
Primary Set-Top-Box Activation Rs. 1
Set-Top-Box Deposit Rs. 500

Dhamakedar Offer: Classic Tech

ClassicTech Dhamaka Offer

Last but not the least we have Dhamakedar offer announced by Classic tech along with Nepali actor Najir Hussain appointed as the new ambassador for the company. Bundled with the internet service Dhamakedar plan includes an annual subscription of IPTV for just Rs 799 charged monthly. However, the offer is not available on a monthly, quarterly yearly, or half-yearly basis. You need to subscribe a yearly package directly and make the payment upfront along with installation charge of 500 and router deposit of 500. This makes a total sum of Rs11,835+Tax for one year. 

Classic Tech Dhamakedar Offer Package (Internet + IPTV)Price
Monthly feeRs. 799
Router depositRs. 500
Installation ChargeRs. 500
Total annual charge including tax Rs. 11,835

Tahalka, Bhayankar and Tahalka, Bhayankar, Dhamakedar Offer: Who Wins?

All these offers are principally targeted to small families that would like to have TV and internet access for an affordable price. All three Internet service providers are trying their best to satisfy their customers. Thus, their effort is worth admirable. Henceforth, we recommend you go through all this information of each company thoroughly and find the one, which meets up your requirement to utmost.


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