The lockdown might be over but the coronavirus outbreak isn’t. Therefore, now it is important that we get responsible for ourselves as well as towards the community more than ever. With life now slowly starting to get back to normal and more and more people heading out; the risk of coronavirus spreading is higher than ever. Since the coronavirus doesn’t show any prominent symptoms at the beginning and the testing process is a bit slow as well; you never really know who might have the virus. Hence, just going about your normal life outdoors you may come into contact with a person who may have caught the virus, and the person himself might yet not know of it as well. Amidst these concerns, Goyal Group and Bidhee Pvt. Ltd. have come up with a contact tracing app called ‘SURAKSHA’.

SURAKSHA: COVID-19 Contact Tracing APP

SURAKSHA is a Nepali health/safety/ contact tracing app with comprehensive features like COVID-19 contact tracing and self-assessment tests to help in the prevention & control of COVID-19 infection. SURAKSHA app is a social initiation that has been supported by the Government of Nepal. The app has all the essential features you need to ensure your safety. While the main feature of the app is Contact Tracing, the app also has other helpful features such as COVID-19 Statistics Updates, List of Essential Centers, Emergency Contact Numbers, Donation Information, Self Assessment test, and more.

How Does Contact Tracing App Work?

The app attaches a random ID to your phone, then it records other users who come within 2 to 5 meters of you and records their random IDs internally. The app uses Bluetooth for this so you’ll have to always have your Bluetooth turned on. So whenever a contact is tests positive, the app notifies all the people who have been in contact with the infected individual and who therefore may be infected themselves. Furthermore, SURAKSHA allows the users to check one’s health status, get personalized recommendations & provides access to essential safety instructions, updates, emergency contacts & resources.

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Download Now and be a Responsible Citizen

Downloading the app is something you can do to protect you, your family and friends and save the lives of other Nepalese. Since the app is reliant on the data of the users, the more people have the SURAKSHA app downloaded, the less the chances of undetected spread of the virus. The SURAKSHA App is available to download for both Android & iOS from


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