Multiple Submarine cable failures causing Internet Service degradation in Nepal


Internet Service Provider Association Nepal (ISPAN) has published a press release where they have mentioned the cause of Internet Service Degradation that people in Nepal are facing currently. They have said that it is due to multiple submarine cable failures.

What is Submarine Cable?

Submarine cables are fiber optic cables installed on the ocean floor that connect countries all over the world. These cables, which can be thousands of miles long, can carry massive amounts of data quickly from one location to another. It carries telecommunication signals over ocean stretches between land-based facilities. Submarine cables have a number of vulnerabilities. Because private consortia design and install cables, there is an issue with accountability from the start.

When will it get fixed?

Multiple submarine cable failures have been discovered on the sub-sea segment of the Mumbai-Gulf line, according to ISPANs upstream providers (Airtel, Tata, Sify). This has an effect on internet traffic sent from Mumbai to Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Upstream providers have used alternative routes for this. As a result, there could be a rise in latency packet drops, resulting in Internet service degradation.

Upstream providers have informed that, due to the nature of the faults, recovering these failures could take a few weeks, as repairs are dependent on the cable ship, the weather conditions in the ocean, and the availability of work permits. So, you just can hope that these submarine cable failures would be repaired as soon as possible for your smoother internet surfing experience.

Press Release regarding Multiple Submarine cable failures

Multiple Submarine cable failures

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Recently, Tonga’s line of communication with the rest of the world has also been lost as a result of a volcanic explosion that led to a tsunami. Tonga’s internet was knocked offline when the eruption shattered an 827 km undersea broadband cable.


The Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal (ISPAN) was founded with the goal of advancing and promoting Internet access for all Nepalese people. ISPAN has been in contact with the Ministry of Information and Communication, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, and Nepal Telecommunications on a regular basis. ISPAN is in the forefront of communicating with a number of Ministries and Departments on license condition violations. ISPAN has been working for and enforcing the right of Internet Service Licensees to receive timely and high-quality infrastructure and resources in order to deliver High-Quality Services.


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