SmartPalika Launches COVID-19 Quarantine Management, Live Tracking, and Contact Tracing App


Since, the global pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the world is getting stuck in most of the aspects. While in Nepal, a giant footstep has been taken to control the outbreak in the past days. Meantime SmartPalika has launched live tracking, contact tracing, and quarantine management system for free on all the 753 local levels of Nepal.


SmartPalika is a private IT company from Nepal, working with the motto of ‘Digitalizing Nepal. The company has launched the COVID-19 Quarantine Management, Live Tracking, and Contact Tracing System for free. This app has numerous features and tools to be aware and notified about the coronavirus outbreak in Nepal. The app is supervised by the District administration office, health in charge, and municipality representative. The app is developed with coordination with other companies like Rakshya and Cellapp Innovations. One of the features is yet to be fully heightened, i.e., contact tracing. All the stakeholders are working hard on it.

SmartPalika comes with a variety of features like:

  • Health Reports
  • Isolation and self-isolation tips
  • Live data tracking
  • Quarantine supervision
  • Information and Data analysis

Mr. Manoj Bhattarai, CEO of SmartPalika shared

Citizens can send daily reports and get the indorsed news from the application. Mr. Bhattarai has a vision of influencing Information and technology in governance and over Nepal. The concept can be a great push in the nation to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

As the application supports a variety of features and problem-solving tools, it can work as a weapon to combat the COVID-19. Nepal, a developing country, must go into digitalization and develop the use of these E- trends as these great tools becomes handy in getting updated and staying safe. Also, Techsathi is grateful to smart Palika for initiating such a generous project.


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