Nepal Domainers Network: A Brokering Platform for Buying, Selling and Renting Domain


Nepal Domainers Network (NDN) is possibly Nepal’s first domain brokering service platform, officially launched on March 25, 2020. This platform aims to give service to help the clients in brokering the deals on buy, sell and rent of the quality domain names. The platform plans to be a bridge between domain buyers and sellers to bring more brandable domain names for usage in the Nepali online market.

The Domain Market

In the current scenario here in Nepal and globally, finding a quality domain name is either very rare or impossible for the first-hand registration. Instead, most of the quality domains are already registered by someone else. However, not all the registered domains are into business and online due to the registrant’s own reasons and intentions. A registrant can hold from few to even thousands of domain names on their names with the goal of reselling them at a profitable price. Despite some ambiguity and misconceptions, the trade of the aftermarket domain is a legitimate multi-million dollar industry at the international level.

Nepal Domainers Network

How does it work?

This is where Nepal Domainers Network comes into action. The main focus of the platform is to reach out for those idle and unused brandable domain names and make them publicly available for sale. This can help the potential new investors and buyers can fulfill their business needs easily and conveniently.  

The network serves to be helpful for both buyers and sellers. Those individuals who want to trade the domain names can use this platform to put up domain names on sale. Those who want to buy the domain that isn’t available for first-hand registration can find them here. The sellers will get their clients and the buyers will get the brandable domain names that are unavailable for direct registration.

For more information, you can visit the Nepal Domainers Network website here.


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